10 Effective College Essay Tips

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Writing an essay is more complicated than it sounds. As such, many students dread this task, especially when they get assigned an essay type they have not written before. And with so many different types of essays, this happens very often. Here are the 10 most effective college essay Tips.

1. Choose the Topic

In most cases, you will be given the task to choose the topic for your paper. If this is the case with your assignment, the first thing to do is choose a great topic for your essay. Choose a topic that interests you, but that you can also research and discuss. This is the first from our list of college essay Tips.

2. Make an Outline

The organization is an essential part of any writing task. Organize your thoughts by putting them to paper. Once you do this, you can easily see the links and connections, and plan how to write the essay. An outline will help you write the essay without straying from the topic.

3. Manage Your Time

The outline will help you prepare a schedule and split your essay writing process in separate goals. Make sure to plan your time for writing, but do not forget to plan for breaks, too.

4. Write a Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement takes place in the introduction, and it sets the tone for the remaining of the essay. Create a thesis statement that clearly tells the reader what the main idea of your essay is. A thesis statement must have two parts: one that states the topic, and another that states the essay’s main idea.
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5. Write the Body Paragraphs

Present the information you found and planned in several body paragraphs. Make sure to link them and create them on the basis of a single structure. This is one of the mainadvice from our list of college essay Tips.

6. Write a Conclusion

Sum up the main idea of the essay and provide an ending for your essay. This conclusion may come in the form of a suggestion for future research, a confirmation of your thesis statement, or a reason why your essay is important to the readers.

7. Write the Introduction

Your introduction must convince the reader that your topic is a good one, and make them want to read the remaining of the essay. Your introduction should be a combination of the thesis statement, a hook, and some background information on the topic.

8. Take a Break

As soon as you are done writing the first draft, take a break before you come back to it. Before you start revising the paper, take a break of a day or a few hours to freshen your thoughts.

9. Add Some Finishing Touches

Review your draft and make sure your essay is edited, proofread and formatted according to the guidelines.

There are many online tools that can help you edit and proofread your paper. Use them.

10. Ask Others to Read Your Essay

Before you submit the essay, ask your friends or family members to read it and tell you what’s missing. This is the last and very important from our list of college essay Tips.

Test how the professor will react to your essay by showing it to others.
That’s it! Once you are done with these steps, you will have written a great essay!

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  1. The main parts of every essay are a thesis statement, body with paragraphs, conclusion, and introduction. If you know that and write an essay with a correct structure – it will be a half of your success. But usually, not everyone uses it. Thanks for this actual TIPs.