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The essay on the autumn season

Autumn is a magnificent time that shocks you to the core. There is something magical and mysterious about it that you can only understand if you love it. Autumn can be admired forever.

Of course, we should not deny the fact that there are minor flaws in autumn – gloomy rainy days, but some find these sad moments a beautiful time. Especially autumn is not eternal, and many people want to catch their breath after a hot and sultry summer.

The early golden autumn is beautiful. Nature prepares for the coming cold and changes unrecognizably. There is less and less warmth, the trees are fading, the flowers are drooping. But the eye begins to find new colorful hues that inspire.

The animals begin to prepare for winter and gather supplies for hard times. The forest also impresses especially – mushrooms, yellow leaves, and the last fading wildflowers.

Gradually the warmth is replaced by the first frosts. The leaves begin to fall, covering everything around them in a beautiful yellow carpet. Migratory birds appear in our area. They land on bare branches, decorating the trees like a Christmas tree. The rains are getting heavier and longer, sometimes becoming lingering.

Many poets have admired autumn. They found unique moments in it that gave them inspiration and a chance to express themselves. It is a time when sadness and happiness, longing and joy are woven together.

How can one pass by such wonderful days? Autumn can be loved only for the fact that after the long hot days you can go back to your favorite school. See your classmates, whom you miss. After all, they have so much to tell about the past moments. Newcomers appear in the classrooms, who often change the class beyond recognition. Autumn is a time of new beginnings and beginnings.

Autumn is a time to walk through the woods, pick a basket of mushrooms, and inhale the wonderful aroma of the autumn forest.

Autumn is glorious! Beginning at the end of summer, it transitions into a beautiful snowy winter. Children’s noise and laughter are gradually heard less and less. Because the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. But this is no reason to lose heart or despair. Autumn is a time of new discoveries and hopes for the best!

The essay on the autumn season variant 2

Fall is a beautiful and wonderful time. It gives us the last warm days of the year and colors everything around us is wonderful and fabulous colors. We are going to school, where we will learn new knowledge and meet old friends. I love autumn because it always brings new experiences and adventures.

The three autumn months are completely different from each other. September is warm and beautiful, October is cool and rainy, and November is frosty and cold. But they all bring us something new. I like each of them in their own way. It is autumn that gives us Indian summer and torrential thunderstorms, the first frosts, and the last warmth.

In the fall, nature prepares for winter rest. Forest dwellers stock up on provisions, and trees shed their leaves. People harvest crops from the fields and gardens. Autumn is very rich in various gifts of nature. Ripe apples and pears, large pumpkins and tasty carrots, healthy nuts. All this gives us this time of year. Very often autumn is called rich and generous. The sun is still warming the earth and the heavy rains are washing away the trees and flowers.

I love walking through the fallen leaves, picking chestnuts, and walking through the autumn forest. I sometimes think that when autumn comes, a fairy tale comes knocking at our door. And now the trees come to life and gather for the fall ball. They are all dressed in lush and smart dresses. And the leaves twirl and fly to the ground smoothly and easily. The flowers are throwing their own balls. Every plant waits for winter and enjoys the last days of sunny warmth.

The end of autumn comes in November. The first snowflakes fly to the ground and the air becomes frosty and cold. All of nature welcomes winter. With sadness, I will remember the cobwebs of Indian summer, the bouquet of yellowed leaves, and the fall festivities at school. But autumn comes every year. Again gives us its splendor and beauty. And all people look forward to this time of harvest and fun.

The essay on the autumn season variant 3

Autumn is the time of year between summer and winter. And that’s no accident. After all, in the fall we can observe both the beauty of this time of year and the farewell to summer. The first days of September remind us of the warm and carefree days of summer, but at the same time, they prepare us for the coming cold weather, which is just around the corner. Autumn is a time when everything around is covered in gold: the trees, the glades in the forest, and the paths in the park. But despite this beautiful time of year, the sky seems dull and sad, as if it is about to cry. It’s going to rain, and people are scattering to get to dry places.

But not only people pay attention to this beautiful time of year. Life in the forest does not stop, all the animals, insects and birds are feverishly preparing for the cold days. Insects are among the first to react. Most of them are looking for a shelter where they can winter peacefully. Snakes and toads, frogs, and lizards are rushing to hibernate. Bigger animals also don’t sit still: some of them accumulate fat for the winter, others start molting, and still others prepare shelters.

And what landscapes you see in autumn! As if an artist painted our world in golden and orange colors. And the rivers and lakes! They turn even bluer, and it seems that they are not rivers and lakes, but seas and oceans. Migratory birds fly away and wave their wings at us, as if they are saying goodbye and that they will be back. Autumn is a time for artists and photographers because probably only these people are able to appreciate this magnificent picture.

And the rains. Of course, it is not very pleasant to be outside in the pouring rain, but what a beauty afterward. Streams of clear water running down the street, rainbows of all colors in the sky, everything around becomes fresh, clean, and dust-free.

But sooner or later all good things come to an end. This is also true of autumn. The days get colder and colder. The rains drizzle now and then become torrential. The once-blue sky is increasingly covered with clouds, and they become heavy with their own despondency and the laziness with which they float across the sky. We no longer hear birdsong in the autumn forest, only the noise of lone trees swaying with fallen leaves. The animals become calmer and seem to be sad for summer when they could have carefree fun under the hot sun.

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