Essay on car

Essay on car

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The essay on car

Nowadays, we can’t even imagine life without a car. Cars are everywhere. Go out to any street where cars are scurrying around. And there are all kinds of them. Cars, small, large, buses, trucks. A fire truck flew by, a police car siren was heard in the distance. And an ambulance rushes to someone. It seems to us it has always been like this.

But before, at the dawn of time, people rode horses. A cart was attached to the horse and one or two people could ride in it. As time passed, the design of the cart changed. So by the 15th century there appeared carriages. They somewhat resembled a car.

But the first cars appeared only in the middle of the 18th century. And they were very different from the ones we are used to. They were steam-powered cars, and it was no longer a horse but a car that drove a person. That was progress. As time went on, and the steam-powered car was replaced by a car with an internal combustion engine. That was the beginning of the 19th century. And by the end of it, there was the internal combustion engine, very similar to what is used today. They were developed by people in different parts of the world. And now too.

A lot of trucks are used in manufacturing. At construction sites, construction materials are used and it is necessary to bring them. There are special vehicles for transporting concrete, cranes, for transporting liquids. Also, a lot of machinery is used to deliver products and goods to our stores. Special vehicles for road sales.

Modern life is no longer imaginable without this variety. Not only cars but also motorcycles, mopeds, scooters. Our streets are crowded with all kinds of vehicles. Also, there is public transport, shuttle buses, buses, trolleybuses. They take us to work, to school, to different routes.

Some people like to be drivers and choose the profession of a chauffeur. Some people like to repair cars, to fix them, and they get a job as a mechanic. Some want to invent, and they continue to study to get a profession as a car designer or designer. And some just like to drive.

The essay on car 2

The automobile has come to occupy a very large place in our lives. But everything is not so simple with it!

After all, a person wants to drive his car to save time. Get in and go. They say. But traffic jams are terrible almost everywhere. So it turns out that you just sit, or rather stand in traffic jams. In New York City and many big cities, it’s faster to get somewhere by subway. Even if the bus is stuck in a traffic jam, the passengers get off and walk, and the driver won’t leave the car. Although I’ve seen people parking their cars on the side of the road, leaving them behind and walking home! And you also have to park your car at night, which is also usually a problem.

You have to fill it up, wash it, service it. If a tire goes flat, you’re looking for service! Of course, you should like driving, otherwise, it will be real misery! The way they drive here sometimes… My father curses while driving. He says he has no nerve, the way people drive! There’s a whole life of communication on the road there. This one drives strangely, the other one is brazen, the other one is too careful. So many different people with their characters and attitudes can be noticed by the way they drive. All in all, it’s not that easy with a car!

But also because of these traffic jams, because of the pollution of the Earth, people have begun to give up cars. Well, not really, of course! But, for example, if you can go somewhere with your friends, it’s better to take one car instead of driving your own! And if you can walk – walk, and if far away – take a bike. And public transportation, too, sometimes to use! It is more economical, environmentally friendly, and better for your health! There’s also a cab service, where you can rent a car. Or you can find a traveling companion if you are going to another city.

Then you’re not going alone, but with a new person – it’s interesting to get acquainted and talk to! That is, people try not to get accustomed to the automobile so that it is absolutely impossible to live without it. The situation with electricity is even more difficult – it’s difficult to live without it in the apartment… And without hot water! But all can be overcome… I have to do it often! To the car, I think, everyone is still not so attached. It also depends on the country, of course.

In general, the car began to take up a lot of space in our lives. That’s why people give it up little by little, at least try to reduce it. But this is in our life – the life of ordinary people, but in fact, cars are also used to transport goods. There are technical machines, and we can’t do without them either!

The essay on car 3

The car has long been part of our lives. This is especially true for men and young people, although girls are also not behind. Now almost everyone already has a car or dreams of having one. You can find a car for every taste, for every person, designed for absolutely any conditions and environment. Cars, SUVs, buses, and many other types of machines, of which there are many, can be found on the streets, as a large metropolitan city, as well as small towns and villages and any community. They have become part of the surrounding reality, now we can not do much without cars.

The car performs many different functions, the most common function is to get around. Nowadays, to go somewhere, no one is going on a long trip, because the speed of the car allows for an hour to conquer the distance that would take a pedestrian a whole day. That is why the car has become so indispensable, it is very comfortable, and also, and even a compact means of transportation, which not only quickly takes you anywhere, but also protects it from all the inconveniences of a long journey. Also, they now make such comfortable and modern cars that very often you do not even feel the bumps and grooves, which may still sometimes run over.

Another function of cars can be transportation. If it weren’t for the tremendous opportunities that cars give to manufacturing, likely, our industry would not have developed so quickly and successfully. It became possible to transport more goods in a shorter time. If previously it wasn’t possible to export any products over long distances because they might spoil, now it has become quite possible because the speed of automobiles allows it. It has made life and works very much easier because people now, for the most part, drive the cars, make sure they are in good working order, and repair them if necessary. People rarely do the hard work now, it’s the machines that they’ve invented to help them.

Probably because of this, and for many other reasons cars are firmly entrenched in our lives. It is now impossible to imagine our life without cars of all kinds. They are getting better and better, they are taking up more and more space, they are performing more and more functions, and they are becoming more and more complex.

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