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The essay on cat

For pet lovers, it is a very difficult question of preference and choice of one favorite animal. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to guess the character and habits of an animal, its compatibility with a particular person. All living beings are worthy of respect and love, they all need care and affection. And only from us depends, what kind of life they will have – quiet, calm and well-fed or hungry and homeless.

I can call a cat my favorite animal. It is very beautiful and graceful, but at the same time, an independent and proud animal.  There are a huge number of breeds of these animals, both wild and domestic. Cat is probably one of the first in the old days who came to live with humans, but still until the end could not submit to the will of man, and often feels fully owned by the house.

Previously, this animal was assigned only the role of rodent hunter, and cats were taken into the house only for this purpose. Now everything has changed, and sometimes, this little predator is considered a full member of the family. The love of the owners to their pets is limitless, what only houses and nail boxes, bowls, and toys do not buy cats. The diet of some animals may be the envy of some people. Every year there are a variety of exhibitions and shows with the participation of cats, which turned into a really spectacular and colorful event.

My cat belongs to the proud breed of “street” personas, but I still love her very much, and she responds in kind. I brought her home as a hungry little kitten, fed her from a bottle with milk, and now she has grown into a beautiful and affectionate cat. She loves to play and often jumps on my lap so I can pet and caress her.

She only goes to sleep on the chair by my bed, and if I am sick she tries to cure me and lies on the sore spot. My cat is very smart, she understands by the intonation of the voice, in what mood is the man, and never will interfere if someone – someone does not want to play with her.

Cats bring variety and play into our lives, it is very interesting and fun to watch their lives and habits. And they try to repay us for the good we do for them. Thus, in mutual love and respect, people become kinder and better, they learn to care and have compassion for weak creatures.

The essay on cat variant 2 

There seems to be no one in the world who is completely indifferent to cats. Some almost idolize them, others seek out their flaws to prove that dogs are better anyway, while others shudder with hatred.

I include myself among the former, although I am very fond of dogs as well. Yes, cats and dogs are completely different, but, nevertheless, between cats and dogs there is something in common: both are capable of loving humans, their owners, and of being loyal and faithful friends to us humans, no matter how much anyone argues about the cat’s selfishness.

It’s just that a cat shows love in its own way, the cat way. It will not, meeting you from school, jump, will not dance around you like crazy to express its rapturous delight at the end of an almost endless separation. And even if she never, under no circumstances and in no way shows that she even notices that the owner is away and absent from time to time, – this still does not mean that she loves her master less than the dog. A cat is a very discreet and tactful creature. It will not tolerate the slightest hint of rudeness or inconsiderate behavior from anyone, including the master, and it behaves itself accordingly. The cat’s emotions are buried somewhere deep. In short, I love that cats naturally behave as if they were human aristocrats. But this restraint is only one side, the external side: it’s their style, the way they behave. The other side is an inner one: cats are very affectionate and sensitive, and even with this they attract people to themselves.

There is one more feature that attracts me personally, and it is that they somewhat resemble very small children: they are as capricious, willful, and, by the way, self-centered.

And how beautiful they are! I like all breeds of cats. I love smooth-haired, fluffy, gray, red, white, and black – all kinds!

Any cat is fun to watch, even if it’s not your cat. Communicating with a cat relieves stress, it seems that this is even scientifically proven. Probably that’s why many people, especially those who can’t keep animals at home like to watch cat pictures and videos posted on the Internet. Yes, cats have gained just crazy popularity on the Internet, and well done, handsome!

Who can match cats in grace, grace, agility, coquetry, affectation, and unpredictability? Who can understand what mysterious feline eyes say? And a purr? How many sounds are collected in it! If you start to listen more closely – a real polyphony – it seems that something resembling an orchestra sounds.

We once had a cat. Her name was Murka. I dedicate this composition to her. I persuade my parents to let me take the cat. It’s very boring to live in a world without cats.

The essay on cat variant 3 

Everyone has a favorite animal. I have a cat. I have always dreamed of having a funny fluffy pet at home. One wonderful day I got a long-awaited pet. I did not think very long about what to call him. When my father brought the cat to our house, she climbed into my lap and began to purr softly. Since then, and I call her – Murka.

My cat – a real beauty. Her ears are black, her face – white, and her tail are even striped! I can look long into her eyes because they are an amazing blue color. Murky’s character is something else! She is often something that is not happy. At such moments, my wayward pet ridiculously wiggles her whiskers and squints her eyes. Pupils also change color. They may be almost red or light green. By them, I always determine how upset my Murka.

If my pet is in a good mood, then I can safely stroke her. At such moments Murka is kindness itself. She snuggles on my lap and can even take a nap. But sometimes it happens and so that the whole day something angers the cat. She warns all the pets about it by twitching the tip of her tail and a special sharp meow.

With strangers Murka – a real coward. She never rushes at other animals, even if she is very annoyed. If she understands that now the enemy will attack, she laughingly fluffs out her tail and runs away to hide. Despite her timid nature, my cat is very smart. She even learned how to open the fridge and turn on the TV with her paws! Most of all, Murka and I like to watch programs about animals. That’s how she is, my cat. And my favorite pet and best friend.

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