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The essay on childhood

Childhood is the beginning of a person’s life journey. It is the time of dreams and carelessness. Childhood, filled with games, magical fantasies, and pranks, can be called happy.

At this time, a person begins to learn about the world, its diversity. In this, he is helped by his parents. They guide the child in the right direction, prompting and explaining everything he needs. But it depends on the parents not only teach the little man the wisdom of life, but they are also required to put in him spiritual values such as compassion, mercy, justice, honesty, to bring up in him a person and a decent man. A personal example is very important in this. Teaching a child honesty, they themselves should not lie. When teaching a child mercy, they themselves should not show cruelty.

Adults love to remember their childhood. Everyone has vivid colorful moments that he keeps in his heart for years to come. For example, my dad often remembers how he and his friends played hockey on a frozen pond as kids. He’s an adult now, he has a lot of worries and no time for hockey, but I can see that he misses that time.

Childhood is indeed a wonderful time: you can rejoice in such simple things as the first snowfall or the ringing of a spring brook, you can imagine yourself and create magical worlds. And when you’re a kid, you genuinely enjoy the holidays, because there’s fun, laughter, and presents all around. I’ve noticed that adults are often not very happy about the approaching holidays because it means extra worries.

However, a happy childhood depends first and foremost on the family. If it is strong and friendly, if the child feels loved, then childhood will absolutely be bright and joyful. I am lucky, my family does everything for my childhood to be exactly like that. I love them very much and in the future, I will try to do everything for my children to have the same happy childhood.

The essay on childhood variant 2 

Childhood is the most magnificent and carefree time! This time is filled with magic and sincere joy, daring dreams that no doubt come true. We believe in a fairy tale, in the victory of good over evil. And we know for sure that we still have everything ahead of us.

I remember when I was very young, I thought that one day I would grow up and fly to the stars. Every time I looked at the starry sky, I imagined myself aboard a spaceship. I thought that there, through the porthole, I would be able to see the stars and planets closer and even examine them.

Parents take care of us, and they are the key to a happy childhood. After all, who, if not parents, give us affection, nurture, and help us discover our talents. Children also have important and responsible tasks. For example, to be obedient, to excel in their studies. But the older we get, the more responsibility we have to fulfill our tasks. I think the most important thing is to feel the support of loving parents, who are always ready to help us with everything.

At one time I dreamed of becoming an adult. It seemed to me that adult life is much more interesting than our childhood life. An adult doesn’t have to ask his mother for permission to go where he wants. He can drive a car and choose his own clothes. And parents, with joy and a little sadness in their eyes, remember and tell their stories from their childhood. They say that a poem not learned on time, or homework not done, is nothing compared to adult problems.

I like to ride a bicycle and play soccer with the boys in the yard. I like to go fishing with my dad. And on New Year’s Eve, I wait for presents under the tree. I can say with full confidence that my childhood was happy. Now I understand that there is no need to rush to grow up.

Childhood is a wonderful time, where there are happiness and carelessness, a flight of fancy and breezy. Even now, looking at the starry sky, I can’t stop dreaming. One day we will be adults, but in the meantime, we must appreciate every moment, every second of this childhood fairy tale called childhood.

The essay on childhood variant 3 

Everyone has a different childhood. Everyone has a different family income, there are complete and incomplete families, and some live in boarding schools and have no parents at all. Therefore, not everyone would say that childhood is a wonderful time, for some it was quite difficult.

My childhood was good, left a lot of positive memories, a lot of stories I can remember and tell with inspiration. My family is my mom, dad, older brother, and me. Dad always worked on shifts, so he was away a lot. But if he was at home, he took me everywhere with him, unlike my brother, I loved to go with him to the forest, to the mountains, we went to wash the car together. In general, we have a friendly family, and when we had a chance on weekends we all loved to ski together, go to the woods for mushrooms and berries. Sometimes we would go to a tent and spend the night in the forest, on the bank of the river. In the summer we were sent to grandmothers in the village, first, we lived with one grandmother, then we were taken to a neighboring village to another grandmother. In addition to my brother and me, our cousins came, and we all went for walks together, inventing entertainment for ourselves.

And my brother and I were also allowed by my parents to get a dog, not right away, but still. Of course, it was my brother who took care of the dog, not me, but I remember well how happy we were when we got him. One day we were walking with my brother and in one of the entryways of our house, we found a box of kittens. I couldn’t get past it, so we took one kitten. When we got home, my parents weren’t home yet, we gave him a bath and fed him. And I could no longer imagine life without this creature, surprisingly my parents agreed to keep it. It turned out to be a cat, we called her Chita. Here I had responsibilities, as I most wanted to keep her. But it is a pleasant hassle, I never once regretted that I brought her home. She is a very intelligent and well-mannered cat, she has never scratched or bitten me in her entire life.

One of our favorite holidays was New Year’s Eve. A lot of guests always came with children. The adults organized different games with prizes for us. They dressed up as Santa Claus and gave the kids presents. I was lucky with my parents. I think my childhood was very right, I don’t remember being scolded too much, maybe I grew up as a good child. In my childhood, there were always many brothers and sisters and we all were friends and met often. And my friends from kindergarten till now are the same.

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