essay on communication skills

Essay on communication skills

We present to you the best essay on communication skills for students and children.

Essay on communication skills

Human speech is a great gift of nature, but that does not mean that everyone is born with a talent for communication. After all, one cannot but agree that the ability to speak and gesticulate alone cannot make a person an excellent conversationalist. And to achieve great success in the art of communication, it is necessary to have an unusually fine and unmistakable sense, outstanding intellect, and good intuition.

 It is a mistake to think that those who make communication depend on their own monologue and, reaching famous heights in the art of oratory, quite sincerely complain about the interlocutor for the lack of proper attention, forgetting that communication is, first of all, the ability to listen and hear your interlocutor, paying his words and gestures with utmost respectful attention.

 Indeed, it is difficult to call someone who tries to play a leading and even authoritarian role in any dialogue a good interlocutor, whereas true ability to communicate always implies delicacy and compromise.

 It is also known that the main sense of a conversation does not always lie on the surface and is pronounced aloud. A truly skillful dialogue is a whole complex of words and gestures, facial expressions, and looks. Only a perceptive person who has a sincere desire for self-improvement can master the skill of communication.

 However, this does not mean that these communication skills are available only to the most experienced and elderly interlocutors. It is also possible to learn flawless dialogue as an erudite and diligent reader of classical literature, whose authors are not only known as the greatest masters of words but also as true connoisseurs of the human soul.

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No matter how difficult life may be for you, know that your soul will always feel a little better if you talk to someone, not necessarily about your problem, just say a few words to someone.

The art of communication is a skill and not an easy one, it’s something everyone should learn, no matter what level they have now. It’s something we should be multiplying and correcting daily, and it doesn’t matter who we are or who we represent ourselves to be.

If we want to be perceived properly, treated fairly, and with respect, we must first learn to respect ourselves. It’s nice to talk to a person who thinks clearly and makes his or her own demands clear. It is nice to be in a company where people speak beautifully, masterfully manage their emotions, know how to listen and adapt to their interlocutor.

The ability to communicate is a great gift. After all, communication is about experience and information, as well as thoughts, knowledge, feelings. We are unable to know the world around us without communication, just as we are unable to know ourselves. In unity and cooperation with people, we gain new ideas. But from day to day we are dependent on communication, and when it is not enough, we become irritable and short-tempered, this energy, which has not found an outlet, bursts out. At such times we experience a “sensory hunger”, a lack of communication.

The art of communication is a complex mechanism in which various human needs and desires interact, but we should never forget that our communication will be correct and useful when the interlocutors will respect each other.

In such a mechanism, it is very important to distribute your forces, because each area of this art is very important and must be in harmony with the rest. If you know how to speak beautifully – to conduct abstruse dialogues, to discuss and use only selected speech, but you have not learned how to manage emotions or not to let your interlocutor speak, then all your skills are worthless. And if you are inattentive and absent-minded, talking sluggishly and in a bad mood, it is better not to start anything, so you will become uninteresting to your interlocutor, at least, and at most – he will just turn around and leave.

Remember, do not insist or beg, do not impose and use the situation, just learn to be in harmony with yourself, with his mind, and the language just trains more often, by reading books and other useful information. Use to communicate constructive dialogues, during the conversation give useful topics for discussion, while not forgetting about the partner in the dialogue, that he was interested in the topic. The main thing in communication is to respect yourself and your interlocutor, and whether you are a master communicator or not will show other people’s interest in you.

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Everyone needs communication, some more than others, some less, but no person on Earth does not need communication at all. This is because we are social, and with the help of communication, we make connections, learn, gain experience, and share emotions.

Human beings learn communication skills from birth, along with the ability to sit, walk, eat, etc. Given that we are surrounded by people everywhere, we need to learn to communicate with them as early as possible to fit into a social environment. Perhaps somewhere in remote areas of Siberia or in the mountains, some people live all alone, but that does not mean that they do not need companionship at all. In such cases, they often breed animals and get companionship at least that way.

There are different kinds of communication in our lives. For example, we communicate with our peers. We have many common topics of conversation, we joke together, play games, listen to music or watch movies. We all communicate as equals. Often we share secrets with each other or ask each other for advice. We spend quite a lot of time together: at school, on the street, going to each other’s houses.

Another thing is communication with parents. Of course, we cannot feel on an equal footing with them, but they often give more sensible advice than friends. We can also have fun together with our parents; we go out into the countryside or go to the movies. I, for example, really like to go fishing with my dad. And mom makes very tasty pies with raspberries, and then the whole family gathers at the table, drinks tea, and chats.

There is one more type of communication – it is communication on the Internet. Of course, it can’t replace real life, but it helps to keep in touch with friends and relatives who can’t be around. Also with its help, you can make new friends.

In my life, communication is very important. I am an open person, I need to share emotions and feel support and understanding. For my part, I also try to give light feelings to my loved ones.

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