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The essay on dogs

Humans are inextricably linked to pets. For decades, pets have lived under the same roof as humans. The most faithful loyal friends are dogs. They are always happy to see their owner, they rejoice at his every appearance and are always ready to come to the rescue.

That is why dogs serve in the police force on a par with people, earning medals, doing their duty, searching for drugs, and saving lives. Dogs work as water rescuers, work as guide dogs for blind people. The usefulness of these animals is so great that it is impossible to describe it at once. They say that you can buy happiness for money by buying yourself a dog. Indeed this one is so. A dog is such a faithful friend that he will always be happy to meet his master from work, to miss you when the owner is on vacation, and just will always be there.

Dogs are intelligent animals that sense human emotions, understand when a person is unhappy, and can share their joy. Dogs sense when trouble is coming, are always ready to protect their owner and can sacrifice their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for this kind of deed. Nowadays people have become more evil, forgetting kindness, mercy, and compassion. People have become worse at treating themselves and animals. They may not respect their relatives or acquaintances or their pets with whom they live under the same roof.

It is good when a friendship is formed between a person and a dog. It is good when the owner enjoys spending time with the dog, walking it, combing it, and educating and training it. Dogs lend themselves well to training. They are willing to follow all commands, learn, and develop. And they will do all this in exchange for love, care, affection, and maybe just for a tasty bone.

When you look at how the dogs treat each other, you realize that not everyone is capable of this. Male sheepdogs are always there for the bitches when you reproduce new offspring.

Many dogs have a very kind nature. They love to cuddle, want to lick you with their tongue, and always wag their tail in a friendly way when you show up. The most amazing thing is that even fighting dogs are capable of such positive and kind relationships.

The essay on dogs variant 2 

Everyone knows that a dog is a friend of man. He is devoted to the man and can even sacrifice his life for him! Probably no one remembers the moment when a dog became a pet. It seems that it has always been like that.

A dog is not just a friend – it is an assistant in various matters. For example, I recently saw a picture on the Internet of a dog holding the unfolded newspaper of its owner, who at the same time is eating and reading at the same time. And here she is sitting, and her muzzle serves as a kind of shelf for the washed laundry, which the owner puts in the closet. It can be a great companion for a lonely person!

The dog often serves as a guide for the blind. It helps the police to find criminals by leaving a trail. And at customs, it is an excellent detector of contraband! A specially trained dog will detect drugs and even weapons. The dog faithfully serves with the border guards, guarding its state. It guards various premises and special purpose facilities. A dog can also help in the war. It will carry the wounded and can even deliver cargo.

There are also sled dogs. They are most common on the server. For example, such a breed as the Samoyed dog. This amazing animal is completely white in color and beautiful hair, which is used to make healing belts on the back for humans. Such a name of the breed surprises many people. But you should know that it does not eat itself. It was simply the name of the tribe of people who were engaged in their breeding. Although they also did not eat themselves. In general, it is believed that there is no aggression gene in this breed of dog, so they should not even wear a strict collar so that the dog does not withdraw into itself. It is a true friend and helper for any family or single person. Also, it barks so loudly that it can wake up the whole neighborhood! Therefore, better watchman must also be found.

The essay on dogs variant 3

We have had a terrier dog in our family for several years now. We found it in the yard in the cold autumn weather. It was a tiny puppy, looking for a warm corner. My mom and I felt sorry for him, took him home with us, and named him Rex.

We fed him cottage cheese at first, watched him hurriedly eat. He was dirty because it was raining outside. So we decided to wash him. Rex was not afraid of water and obediently stood when the faucet jet was directed at his fur. Then he was well dried with a hairdryer and combed. He became very handsome. We put a warm and soft rug in the hallway. The puppy just settled down comfortably on it, curled up, and fell asleep sweetly. Apparently, he did not have to rest for a long time, he was still running around, looking for a warm and cozy spot.

Rex grew up very fast and became a beautiful and obedient dog. Most importantly he is very loyal to us and always obeys commands. When we go out in the street, we lead him only on a leash, because he does not let anyone close to us. But when there are no people outside, he and I have fun running around in the yard together. I throw him a stick, Rex brings it back. He is always ready to do different commands.

He loves to swim in the pond. When we go to the river, we always take Rex with us. If you throw a small ball into the water, Rex immediately jumps after it and tries to bring it back. To keep our dog healthy and energetic, we try to feed him special food. But she still likes to chew on bones the most.

Outside, he doesn’t notice cats, doesn’t chase them like many other dogs. Probably because Rex is friendly, and he is not at home alone, but also lives with another family pet – the cat Max. He only keeps him away from his plate if there is food there, but otherwise, they sniff each other out and go their separate ways to their territories.

We also like Rex because he is very neat, doesn’t chew anything, and almost always obeys. When I do my homework, he really likes to sleep at my feet and snooze loudly. I am very glad that we have such a faithful and cheerful friend. I can’t even imagine how we would live without him. 

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