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The essay on forest

The forest is a whole separate state, filled with birds, insects, and animals.

At any time of year, the nature in the forest is very beautiful, in summer you can get to know its inhabitants and see the beauty of the majestic trees. In winter, you can see trails of animals in the forest that do not hibernate and continue their vital activities. In autumn, you can see the trees in the forest, dressed in bright colors, and its inhabitants trying to enjoy the last days of warmth. In the spring, the forest reveals many scents of blooming flowers on the trees and various herbs.

In general, the forest is very beautiful at any time of year, no matter when you come it greets you with its beauty and fascination. It is not always possible to see all the inhabitants of the forest, but if you spend enough time in it, you can still lead someone to meet. Walking through the woods you can see a variety of birds that mesmerize you with their singing in unison. You can also see squirrels that jump from branch to branch as if playing a fun game.

You can also see larger animals, such as hare that hides cowardly behind a bush or even cunning fox in search of food. Walking through the woods you can discover many interesting and unusual that you will never see in the city.

Everything in the woods is organic and lives by the rules of nature, woodpeckers, which are considered the sanitarians of the forest, eating harmful insects, getting them out of the bark of the trees. In the woods, you can get a lot of positive emotions and charge for a long time in a fairy tale atmosphere. Even the rustle of leaves on the trees sounds in unison with everything in it alive. It is nice to walk along the paths and realize that you can touch the living and find peace of mind and balance.

You can spend a wonderful time in the forest and enjoy everything that goes on in it. Endlessly you can listen to the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves that constantly accompany you. A forest is a place where you can escape from the bustle of the city and spend a wonderful time.

The essay on forest variant 2

Forests are different: deciduous, coniferous, mixed, and each of them is beautiful in their own way. Everyone enjoys walking along the paths and enjoying the forest air. In the woods, there is always a peculiar atmosphere, unlike anything else.

In spring, as soon as the first rays of sunlight appear, the forest wakes up. The snow begins to melt, and the trees come alive after their winter sleep. The first birds arrive, streams run, and green grass emerges from under the ground. It is very entertaining to wander through the woods at this time of year, to observe nature.

In summer, a special time in the woods. Berries grow, mushrooms appear. The forest is waiting for people to pamper them with its gifts. Forest flowers please with their diversity. The unique fragrance of conifers and flowers has a positive effect on the human body. These smells make you dizzy. In summer, the forest is very crowded, everyone likes to collect mushrooms and berries.

In the autumn, too, a lot of natural treats waiting for us in the woods. Very beautiful mixed forest in the fall, it looks like a real fairy tale. Trees and bushes put on their outfits of different colors. On the background of yellow birches, green firs, and pines, the rowan tree burns bright scarlet. Only in the autumn, one can see such a riot of colors.

The forest is no less beautiful in winter. The trees have shed their clothes, except for the conifers, and are preparing for sleep. Little by little, the forest subsides and is covered with snow. The drifts envelop all the plants and bushes as if to protect them from the bitter cold. Three months will pass, and everything will start all over again.

I really love the woods, at any time of the year. I like to be there in the spring and especially in the fall. It’s when you can really get in touch with nature.

The only thing I don’t like, and what I have often noticed, is the inappropriate treatment of the forest. People leave their trash there, set up mass dumping grounds, thereby harming nature. I am constantly amazed. Is it really so hard to clean up after oneself? The forest cannot take care of itself. If things go on like this, soon nothing will be left of it.

People, let’s take care of the forest!

The essay on forest variant 3

The forest is beautiful at any time of the year, but especially in summer. When you enter it, the mood immediately changes, it becomes easier to breathe. In hot weather you feel a pleasant coolness, on a cold day, on the contrary, the heated tree trunks give off their heat.

Upon entering immediately all attention is drawn to the trees. In the mixed forest, you can see the majestic oaks, slender pines, and pyramidal firs. White birches look very beautiful, they always rustle their leaves in the wind. Shrubs grow all around under the trees. All plants stretch upward, closer to the light and the sun.

In summer, the forest is very rich in a variety of vegetation. The grass is tall all around. It is especially pleasant to find a sunny glade, which is all in flowers: clover, chamomile, carnations, mushrooms. A lot of flowering medicinal plants are St. John’s wort, oregano, yarrow. And you can come across a place where all around there are red berries of strawberries. You just need not be lazy to gather them. Blueberries can be found in dense bushes.

At noon, the temperature gets high, and the blooming grasses begin to smell. It is very pleasant to lie down among these flowers, to inhale the aromas of flowers and watch the clouds floating across the blue sky, to guess what they look like. The forest is rich not only in flowers and berries. After a warm rain, you can go for a walk with a basket, and gather mushrooms.

In summer most often found: aspen mushrooms, boletuses. And in the glades, there are meadow sturgeons. In summer, the forest is not as noisy as in spring. But still, you can hear the singing of some birds. But most of all it is the rustling of leaves, creaking of swaying tree branches. If you are lucky, closer to the evening, you can see a hedgehog or a squirrel running from one branch to another. Mounds of ants stand near many trees. They are constantly on the move.

The beauty of the forest largely depends on the people. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of trees and plants, not to litter them with garbage, taking care of cleanliness. Then everyone who visits the forest will be satisfied with this walk.

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