essay on help others

Essay on help others

We present to you the best essay on help others for students and children.

The essay on help others

In our difficult time in the daily hustle and bustle of our personal affairs and problems, we quite often do not notice that some people need our help.

Helping others means doing things from the heart, doing things that help others, overcoming illness, coping with grief and discouragement, and various other problems in life.

But not all of us are willing and able to help. Often people are cruel and think only about themselves and their own lives and don’t care about others. In our world everything is based on material values, people think more about themselves and their own interests, not everyone is ready to help for free and get nothing in return. But fortunately, there are still people who are ready to be unselfish and help from their hearts and without bad ideas and plans to profit at someone else’s expense.

Help can not always be material, more often a person just needs human participation and support. A kind word of advice or a simple presence near a person can help a lot. When a person knows that he is not alone, he becomes confident in his abilities, his spirit comes alive and overcomes life’s problems and troubles much easier.

Help also lies in taking care of one’s family and friends, especially the older generation. You don’t have to wait for your parents or grandparents to ask for help, they deserve special treatment like no one else. It is our duty to respect, listen, and in no case, not in word or deed, not to offend them. Routine health care, help at home, a good attitude, and behavior also helps.

It happens that a complete stranger and a complete stranger needs help. It can be anywhere, on the street, in transport, in any other place. If there is such an opportunity, it is necessary to help, you should never abandon a person in trouble. After all, each of us may be in a similar situation, and someone will be there to help in trouble. Everything in this life returns with a boomerang, and who knows what that boomerang will be. It all depends on us personally and on our behavior in different situations, we should think about it at least sometimes.

Helping people morally or financially, no matter what should be brought up in people from childhood. And what it will depend on the situation. We are all human and we all have hard times and bad situations. It is necessary to help and support each other from the bottom of our hearts, then people and the world around us will change for the better.

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Modern life, especially in megacities, dictates its own rules. Unfortunately, in the life of many people the principle of “by yourself” has become firmly established. When a person lives according to this principle, he is concerned only about his own issues, others do not exist for him. Other people’s problems for them are a consequence of stupidity and lack of will. They will never come to the rescue, not even the questions of those closest to them. It is not worth choosing this path.

It is important to remember that everyone goes through a difficult period. At this point, everyone needs support and understanding. To help, you do not need to have special skills. Sometimes it is enough to say a kind word, to give a little help, for example, to help a grandmother to carry bags to the house. Nowadays some so many people need attention, who are lonely, who are constantly depressed. As a rule, they are elderly, outcasts, sick and lonely people. They do not need much, just enough attention. Such people want so much to be talked to or listened to.

Unfortunately, these days everything is about money. Material values are more important than spiritual values. Many of the issues that arise now did not appear before. People have begun to lose such a quality as responsiveness. We should not forget that by bringing joy to others, you yourself become happy.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are very popular now, but good professionals cost money. Such pleasure is not available to many. A lot of people suffer from depression, although the quality of life is higher than before. What is the cause? The reason for sadness, brokenness, and depression is to fixate on yourself and ignore the problems of others, sometimes even loved ones.

Nowadays, psychologists and psychotherapists are very popular, but good professionals cost money. Such pleasure is not available to many. A lot of people suffer from depression, although the quality of life is higher than before. What is the cause? The cause of sadness, brokenness, and depression is a fixation on yourself and ignoring the problems of other people, sometimes even those close to you.

Caring, tenderness, support, warmth. Everyone needs these things, especially children and the elderly. People think too much about their well-being but forget about love. This is where all the problems come from. Helping others makes you happy. You need to see the possibilities and have the desire to help other people.

The essay on help others variant 3

Helping each other is an essential part of humanity. All human beings help each other throughout their lives unless a person is completely devoid of reason and feelings. And I was interested to learn that animals in the wild also help each other.

For example, grown-up chicks of some birds help feed and protect the young – the “younger” brood of their parents. And other desert birds look for a hole of water, wet their chest feathers in it, and fly home to their nest. There, these birds let their chicks drink water from their wet feathers. That’s how they help them survive. How a bird comes up with such an idea – I don’t know, it’s believed that the bird is guided only by instinct. But it seems to me that to come up with such a thing for the first time, any creature would have to engage its mind.

Even insects help each other – some are adapted to live in a team, in mutual aid. Ants build nests together, stockpile food for themselves and their offspring together, and survive only together. Bees, too, are guided by instinctive wisdom: they collectively take care of their offspring, protect their queen, build and repair the hive, and keep it in order. They even know how to collectively control the heat and humidity in the hive to keep their larvae safe.

In the global sense, in terms of universal wisdom, absolutely everything in nature helps each other. The earthworm, for example, assiduously recycles the soil, cleans the earth for other creatures, and fertilizes it. What would we do without them, without the smallest of them?

Although self-help, that is, helping oneself, also happens. Man can help himself, to find a way out. There are also amazing mechanisms of self-help in nature. For example, some worms, with the help of an electric charge, regrow the segments of their bodies that were lost, “cut off” by a bird.

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