essay on money

Essay on money

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The essay on money 

Humanity has long used money. Money was invented to be able to pay for the necessary goods for paid labor.

Each person has his own attitude toward money. For some people, money is an indicator of well-being and receipt of all the goods of life. For others, it is a means of survival. But everyone earns money for what he knows how to do and spends it on what he needs in life: food, clothing, entertainment, hobbies, and more.

Some people believe that money can measure everything, and for them, the amount of cash is a measure of a person’s success. They tend to buy branded things, because it’s now at the peak of popularity, or because they want to have something for themselves which others don’t have. There is no limit to the imagination and whims of rich people and such people can’t always understand people who are less rich financially but richer spiritually, people who can spend their last money to make a pleasant surprise to their loved ones or to buy a ticket to a concert of their favorite artist.

Money was invented by man to help him live, not to become a slave to money. Unfortunately, it is impossible to exist in today’s world without money. Perhaps only in some distant tribe, cut off from civilization. Sometimes people go to great lengths for money: crime, deception, or heroic deeds.

But it is not enough to have money, one must know how to spend it properly. Some people do not know how to manage money and spend it in vain, for their own pleasure, not knowing that these finances were earned by hard work. Such people can go into debt all the time, and thus deprive themselves and their families of a meaningful existence.

Some well-off people believe that they can get everything with money, and they are not interested in what and how will be done to “provide” for their whim.

If a person is ever faced with a monetary need, it can affect their lives in different ways. For some, it is a lifelong lesson and they strive to work to provide for themselves and their families, for others, it is the impetus to become more aggressive and take revenge on everyone for their financial failures.

Money can serve both good and bad for a person. One must learn to treat money as a means of existence, not as the goal of one’s life, and not forget that there is still spiritual wealth in the world. Money is supposed to serve man, not the other way around.

Essay on money variant 2

Money and its importance in a person’s life. Money is very important to all people. Having money is a kind of independence, freedom of choice. You can choose almost anything and the more money a person has the better his choice. With wealth, you can improve your living conditions and climb to a new social stage.

Money is a kind of energy, which is necessary for self-realization. But with all the advantages of material wealth, money is still just a means of payment. For them, it is impossible to buy truly important human values, such as health and sincere feelings. People for the sake of material gain can even go on a crime.

At first, money was invented as an alternative to the commodity exchange, but now it has become a means of personal communication. Mankind has turned into slaves, who see nothing but making as much money as possible. Thoughts of their insufficient quantity constantly oppress the thoughts and soul of man. Over time, thoughts of enrichment become thoroughly entrenched in a person’s life and a psychological addiction begins.

I believe that such excessive love will not lead to anything good. A person should have enough money to live a normal life, not just to exist. Money earned in youth and adulthood should ensure a life without poverty in old age. People have begun to forget that money should serve people, not the other way around. The essence of life on earth is not only material prosperity but also spirituality. I can’t claim that any one of these values prevails, but it is impossible to live today without money because you have to pay for everything in the world and you cannot live without kindness, morality, love of neighbor, and faith.

Essay on money variant 3

The main problem of modern society is money, or rather the lack of it. Everywhere we hear that there is not enough money, that people dream of getting rich and do everything possible to have more and more money. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of wealth, we forget the most important thing, that life is given to us only once, and we must live it with dignity.

Most often honest and worthy people settle for a little, but those who are not worth a penny have millions. Dirty deeds are almost always behind big money. There is no such thing as an honestly earned billion, and that is the truth. If you want to be very rich, it means you have to cheat, cunning, and sometimes even commit crimes.

It’s too bad that some people earn millions of dishonestly, and others have to spend most of their lives in unloving jobs, just to feed their families. A world where everyone is well-off and happy is, unfortunately, a utopia. Of course, to have a good life, you have to study well, work hard, and achieve your goal, but you shouldn’t forget that you are human.

All the nicest things in life are free. You will never buy for money the embrace of a loved one, the kiss of a loved one, the support of a parent, the laughter of a child, health, and life. Always remember this when you are once again delayed at work and miss a family dinner when instead of an important concert of your daughter you go to negotiations with partners or instead of Mom’s birthday party you prepare another report.

You should never sacrifice family, love, friendship, health, and other values that money can’t buy. There are so many beautiful things in life that can’t be compared to material possessions. You can’t make all the money, but everyone has a chance to live an interesting and dignified life.

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