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The essay on mother

There is no one on earth dearer to us than our mother. She always protects us, even when she is not there. There is an invisible connection between a child and his mother, so the mother always feels the hardships of her baby with her heart. Of course, there are different people and not all mothers fulfill their duties with dignity. Sometimes they leave their children or do not take care of them at all. However, you should never hate the woman who gave birth to you, because no matter how things turn out, she carried you under her heart for nine months and gave you life.

My mom and I have a great relationship. We trust each other and always share secrets. She’s like my best friend. I don’t always tell my peers what I can share with my mother. My mother is a very wise woman who always does the right thing and gives smart advice. Even though she gave birth to my older brother at a very young age, she still managed to raise her children decently. One day, I was walking home together with my teacher after class. We started talking about different life situations and Nina Borisovna started praising my mother. She said she had never met such a wise woman in her life.

And especially pointed out that she had very correct methods of bringing up a girl. Indeed, my mother often tells me about my positive sides, that I have good looks. But she does not tell me about it too sweetly, but often inserts critical notes as well. If I’m not good at something, my mom will always reassure me and find an approach that gives me strength and confidence. I sometimes feel that there is nothing bad about her, but only inherent good qualities in her character. Kind, responsive, affectionate – these are the main traits of my mom. Also, my mommy has good taste.

She always has a beautiful and stylish look. My mom is my main stylist, I trust any of her choices. My classmates often notice and praise that I have a very good mommy. My dad also walks beside my mom with his head held high and is proud to have such a beautiful wife. Not only is beauty a major quality of Mommy, but so is her housekeeping. Our house is always filled with pleasant aromas and tidy looking. Mom loves to cook deliciously and is always spoiling her loved ones with different tasty treats. On weekends, the kitchen is filled with many heady aromas. My brother and I take turns running around asking for a dish that is already ready because my stomach turns over from the delicious smells. Whichever way you look at it, my mom is the best everywhere. Indeed, she is not just good, she is the best.

More than anything, I love my mom. I’ll never hurt her, and I’ll try to give her only joy. Mommy’s smile is the basic elixir of happiness, which is the building material of our family. I want mommy to be filled with strength and inspiration for a long time, and old age will never come. The bad actions of children prick the hearts of mothers and grieve them. You should always respect your mothers and give them nice moments as often as possible, then they will be young and beautiful for a long time.

The essay on mother variant 2

Mom is the person who loves you just for being you. Mom is the person who gave us life and filled our lives with love, care, and attention. Mom is the person who taught us how to walk, how to eat, how to love the world. She taught us to live and be happy, no matter what was going on around us. She stood quietly aside and cheered for us when we made some progress and was upset when we were bad.

How many sleepless nights did Mom have when we were sick? How many times she cried with us when we fell down when we broke our knees. Mom remembers every little thing about us. Mom will never ask for anything in return for her love. She takes us as we are and loves us for nothing. Mommy, mommy dear.

She worried about us when we were little and sick, worried about us when we went to kindergarten for the first time and when we first went to school. She will worry about us when we go to college and leave for another city. She will always worry about us because mom’s love is so strong. She can heal any wounds. Mom is a miracle.

Mom is the person who taught us kindness, decency, and patience. She opens up to us the way of life and helps us not to get lost in it. She forgives us all hurtful words and just loves us.

She always tried to give us the best. I am madly in love with my mommy for what she told me fairy tales, sat up nights at my crib when I was sick. For the delicious pancakes in the morning. For helping me with my homework. She always makes time for me. She thinks about me day and night.

There’s no one closer to me than my mother. She is my comrade, my teacher. She really taught me a lot. She is my ray of light and kindness. My joy. I will try only to please my mommy, to give her my love and care. To help her in everything, to support and appreciate her. I will try not to hurt her because I love her so much.

The essay on mother variant 3

Mother is the first word in the life of almost everyone. How many songs have been composed that glorify the feat of motherhood! How many movies, cartoons, pictures, and plays there are about the mother-child relationship! The image of the mother is so ingrained in world culture that it is hard to erase it from there.

But my mother is the best. Yes, that’s what every child thinks, but it’s the truth! My mom is beautiful and smart, kind and interesting, sweet, and versatile. She has a lot to talk about, and most importantly – if I have a problem, I can go to her, she will understand everything and give good advice, which will definitely come in handy. My mom is my best friend, who can help me in any situation and tell me how to act correctly and wisely. It is to her I will go in case of distress and uncertainty.

The main and one of the best qualities of all moms on the planet is that a mom will always forgive. And it doesn’t matter if you broke a vase or left home. Mom will always accept you for who you are and protect you from the hardships of the world around you.

Mom loves me no matter what, and even if she scolds me for something, I know that she will never gossip and discuss the way other people who call themselves my friends can.

Mothers love their children more than life, but children don’t always reciprocate their mothers. In my case, however, I love my mother just as much and try to give her surprises and gifts more often. We love each other and try to quarrel as little as possible, although sometimes it does not always work out. If my mother is sick, I care for her very much, just as she cares for me. This care is a very important thing that helps me move forward in life. It is with my mom’s support that I reach the right heights and achieve the successes that would be much harder to achieve on my own.

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