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The essay on mothers love

Mom is the person who gave us life. She remembers our first step, our first word, our first successes, and failures. She is the only person who, from birth to the end, will be there to protect and love us. Not everyone can understand how strong and great is a Mother’s love for her child. They believe that Mother, by making comments or telling them how to do the right thing, does not want to support their point of view, but only complicates and exacerbates the problem more and more. Thus, some teenagers alienate themselves from their parents, believing that they do not and do not want to understand them.

They distance themselves from their family, sinking into their own thoughts, or sharing their problems with other people. They are alienated from the very person who can comfort and support them like no one else. But after going through some difficulties in life, after understanding and realizing many things, we still come back to the valuable and wise things that Mother taught us.

For me personally, Mother is a comforter. When I feel anxious or overwhelmed by fears and doubts, Mom’s embrace gives me hope and strength. When I don’t know what to do, Mom’s wise advice always helps and comes in handy in the future. She is always ready to listen and support, not by our wish, but by her own, as worries and care can never be taken away from Mothers.

We should love our lives for giving us a Mother who is so sincere, cheerful, caring, and wise. After all, some children are deprived of this happiness. It is everyone’s responsibility to appreciate, protect, and do everything to make Mom feel happy and proud of her child.

Whenever we are disappointed in the goodness and justice of the world, we are convinced that Mom is the only person who really needs us. It is always near her warmth, comfort, affection, and, most importantly, sincere, true love. She is the only one who will give her life for us without a second thought.

Interestingly, she can feel our pain from a distance. Her maternal instincts tell her when we really feel bad and need help. She is right there. How does She do this? It’s because we are part of Her. And together – we are one. Mother is our guardian angel, sent to protect us, to guide us, to give us strength… We have never thought what would become of us, what we would do if not for Mother’s eternal presence, Her eternal advice, and instructions.

She never lets you give up when you feel powerless. It is impossible to feel unwanted and unloved if you have Mother. Even if you are alone against the whole world, you know you have Her, who will always be only for you. She, the one who will not betray and will take your pain upon herself. No one has ever noticed how strong Mother’s longing for her child is when we are away. She literally withers, for we are the meaning of Her life. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love.

Children need to think more often about how to make sure they don’t hurt the heart of a loving Mother. As we grow up, Mother’s feelings become more and more vulnerable and defenseless. Mom is the most precious and precious thing we have in life. She is to us the greatest miracle of all miracles.

The essay on mothers love variant 2 

A mother’s love is the purest and truest love that there is in this world. Love manifests itself in the care and affection of a mother for her child. It is a love that requires almost no return. A mother will not find another child if her own will not love her. Although not to love the mother is very difficult. It happens only in rare cases. Mom even in the most terrible quarrel will worry about his child. Women need to experience such feelings at least once. A mother loves her child regardless of health, appearance, character. It is simply impossible not to love your baby, which you carried near your heart for nine months. A mother will always be on her child’s side, even if he is not right at all. For a mother, her child will always be the best. A mother’s love has no boundaries and is very difficult to describe in words.

My words can be confirmed by the story “Taras Bulba”. In it, the sons return after a couple of months to their home. Their mother meets them and immediately embraces them. She scolds her husband for immediately beginning to quarrel with her sons. She could have been hit by her spouse, but for the sake of the children, she could tolerate even that. This is where her true motherly love comes in. She doesn’t resent her sons for not following in their father’s footsteps and not going into military school.

In my life, my mother is at the top of the list. She has supported me all my life and never blamed me. At all the competitions she came to support me. When she was there for me, it was much easier and I didn’t worry. Even if I didn’t do well she was always proud of me and said I was the best. I am very grateful for my mother’s love, which she shows me every day. Mom always asks how my day went, what grades I got, what I did after school. Even if she is very tired and wants to rest, she will still listen to my story about today. I know for a fact that if I need help, I can turn to my mother, and she will always be able to help me and give advice.

A mother’s love can be more than just for her child. A mother can love her son as her own girl. In schools or kindergartens, teachers love children as their own with real motherly love. A mother’s love can never be fake. A mother does not even have to pretend to love her child, for this feeling comes from the very heart and there is no need to pretend.

The essay on mothers love variant 3 

Who is a mother? Mom is the first native person on our earth, the first and last best friend, helper, mentor. The list is endless. The connection with the mother begins with the first week of intrauterine life and lasts until the end.

A mother’s love is not only about laundry, cleaning, and cooking. No one will pity, not caress so sincerely as a mother can do it. Without hypocrisy, without any selfish purpose mom is happy for the success of her child, and if her child is bad, painful, sad mom feels it and she begins to be sad and worried even more than the child. A mother’s love – this is the strongest, most selfless, and brightest feeling of all that exists. Our mothers are always there for us: in trouble and in joy. Unfortunately, we are not always able to appreciate this and often take it for granted. Only with age do people come to realize how hard it is to be a mother.

So rarely do we admit to our mothers that we love them, even more rarely do we tell them compliments and just warm words, but mothers need them so much. Mothers know everything, you can not deceive them, because a mother’s heart never fails. They always feel everything and this fact can not be denied. Mothers cannot be angry with their children for long, they always forgive them for everything. Although they swear, it’s never from evil, and they do not want to swear, we just often do not do the right thing, and they want nothing more than to make their children happy! True, sometimes moms are also wrong, but they can forgive it, children can not stay mad at their blood – moms.

There is only one mother in life. She is always unique and irreplaceable. Everyone has his own – special, the best. She is the best in everything: cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, singing, fashion, and style. No mother is happier in the world than a mother gifted with reciprocity from her children. The more often children compliment their mothers, the more often they offer their help and pity their mothers, the better they learn and obey more, the happier the children are in the end, the happier the mother is!

A mother’s love can do anything for her child. Mothers can endure hell, go through any ordeal, take all the responsibility, and even go to extreme measures for the sake of their child. As in Kedrin’s poem “The Heart” when the son killed his mother for the love of a girl, the heart that fell out of the mother’s chest asked him, “Son, are you not hurt?” These words vividly show that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love, and even betrayal cannot break it.

To summarize, we can say that a mother’s love can not be designated by one term, it is impossible to describe in words, it can only be given and felt. For each person it is different, everyone perceives it differently, however, its power is the same!

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