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Magnificent essay on my city

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The essay on my city

I was born and live in the city of Tver. I have all my childhood memories with it, from playing in the sandbox with other children to going to the movies on weekends with my parents.

We have a lot of monuments, old buildings, several green parks, and beautiful squares in the city. We like to go for a walk there sometimes. There are a lot of benches there, in the summer the fountains sparkle and gurgle, and in the fall the fallen leaves rustle pleasantly underfoot.

I love the wide sidewalks on the city streets and the many flowerbeds. Street musicians and sometimes jazz perform in the center in the evenings. In one of the parks where we spend time, in good weather, “live” sculptures appear, they amuse adults and children. Sometimes the circus comes to us, which means there will be real fun.

I know every nook and cranny in Tver. My friends and I often go “scouting” through the streets of the city, working out new routes in search of adventures. On weekends we gather in the yard, socialize, play different games.

In winter, especially when it snows, our city is transformed. It seems to calm down, our souls feel so good and peaceful. And on New Year’s Eve, there are sales in city stores and everyone goes there for gifts.

If I had an opportunity to move somewhere else, I wouldn’t take it for anything. After all, for me, my hometown will always remain the best and most beloved. My parents and I grew up here. Someday I will enjoy telling my children or grandchildren about this beautiful time, looking through childhood photos, and remembering the stories associated with them.

Everyone shows their love for their hometown in their own way. Poets, for example, compose poems about it, artists write pictures, composers dedicate music to it. And I wrote an essay about it.

The essay on my city variant 2

I live in a city in a beautiful city. My city is not very big. It has about 450 thousand people.

We have a clean city. It is most beautiful in summer when the weather is clear. In our city, there are many universities and technical schools. People come to study here not only from all over the republic but also from other countries. We have many monuments. For example, to Lenin and Chapaev.

We also have museums. In them, you can learn about the history of our republic. Also, come exhibitions from other cities. Recently a Kunstkammer came from St. Petersburg.

In recent years, new playgrounds have been installed in the yards. And also built a lot of new hospitals.

My city is on the bank of the Volga River. And in summer the citizens like to bathe in it and sunbathe on its banks. There are several beaches on the Volga, where people relax. In summer a ferry runs to the other bank. And you can go on it to the other bank.

In winter it is also beautiful. You can go sledding. In different areas, there are ski bases. And fans of this sport can ride to their hearts’ content.

There are a lot of churches in my city. There are several mosques. I have a quiet, peaceful city.

I like it here very much.

The essay on my city variant 3

Grandpa says that when I was little, my hometown was just as clean, blooming, and rainbow, people smiled at each other, went to demonstrations together, cleaned the yard, and planted beautiful flowers in the flowerbeds. I believe him because I also love my city. The most joyful memories of my childhood are connected to it, from digging in the sandbox with other kids to Sunday trips to the movies together with my parents.

In my beloved city, there are many wonderful monuments, and they say that some of them were sculpted by a famous architect, to whom many interesting articles are devoted to the press. There aren’t many old buildings on the city streets, but there are several spacious squares and green parks where young couples stroll and amusing kids run around. I also love to spend time in one of these parks, where marble benches stand, rainbow fountains sparkle in the summer, and fallen leaves rustle underfoot in the winter.

I love my city for its wide sidewalks and white curbs, flowerbeds, and especially for the proud character of its people, passed down from generation to generation. Here, streets and monuments are named after national heroes, and jazz bands and street musicians play in the center in the evenings. In one of my favorite squares, in the warmer months, “living” sculptures delight children and adults, and when the circus arrives, there’s a real excitement.

Here I feel safe with relatives and friends, I know every corner and it seems I can read every person’s thoughts. At night, my friends and I often take the trolley bus and ride along the quiet streets to meet adventures. And on weekends, we gather in the backyard, have fun and socialize with each other or visit local museums and art galleries.

And in the winter, especially if it snows in the evening, my town turns into a winter fairy tale. On such evenings the city seems to fall silent, and instead of noise, you hear snowflakes of fluffy white outlines of houses, parked cars, benches, and city store signs.

If it were suggested that I move elsewhere, I would not agree. Because my hometown is the best on earth, my parents grew up there, I am beginning to grow up there, and someday I would love to tell my children about the best of times, going over childhood memories and memorable dates.

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