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The essay on my dream

Everyone has a dream, sometimes several.  Our imagination draws them to us, not letting us stop at what we have achieved, forcing us to keep moving forward. If people could not dream, most inventions would never see the light of day. We would still be at an early stage of development. And thanks to dreamers and dreamers, the human race has reached the level that we have now.

Often, when I go to sleep, I dream. About different things: about distant travels, about superpowers, about how I will master some unusual profession – for example, a wild animal trainer. All these dreams are from the category of unrealizable, I am aware of that, but I’m still interested in dreaming.

My main dream is not to lose my loved ones. I cherish my family very much, and I am afraid that one day one of them will be gone from my life. Such thoughts make me sad, and then I imagine that we will be together forever.

I don’t know if you can call it a dream, but I really want to get a dog. My mother says that it is too much responsibility and that a dog takes a lot of time, but I still do not give up hope that someday I will have a Husky puppy. These dogs are very smart and beautiful. I sometimes think they are almost like people. They understand everything, but they can’t tell. Maybe when I grow up, I’ll get one myself.

My friend told me that he dreams of becoming a captain of a long-distance voyage. He is attracted by the distant distances, the sea, and adventure. In my opinion, this is a very dangerous profession, and I would never dare to do it. But everyone has his own dreams and, probably, someday he will indeed cast off from the shore, standing on a white ship, and become a true sea wolf.

I wish, of course, that all our dreams could come true, but some of them must remain dreams.

The essay on my dream variant 2 

A person without dreams probably does not exist. Even from an early age, we start dreaming. Some of us dream of new toys, some of us dream of becoming a superhero or just a cartoon character, some of us dream of growing up soon, some of us dream of becoming an astronaut (or something else).

When a person grows up, his childhood dreams “grow up” with him. An adult already dreams of a promising job, starting a family, traveling, and more. An adult, unlike a child, can make his dream a goal and achieve it. Of course, there are times when children carry their dreams into adulthood and make them come true, but this is very rare. And not all adults make their dreams come true. In many cases, dreams remain dreams. And why? Yes, because people are afraid. Someone is afraid of failure, for someone more important public opinion (I’m not going to start because people will talk….), and someone is just afraid that he will have nothing more to dream about.

So what is a dream? For some people it is a goal, when achieved, a person finds harmony with himself, and for others, it is the deepest desire, which they keep in the depths of themselves and are afraid to let out. A dream is what a person thinks about when he closes his eyes.

Dream makes a person purposeful, makes him work on himself, start, fail, and start again. Moving towards his goal, a person works, makes mistakes, which he learns from, acquires a pivot. Not a single person is limited to one dream for life. So do not be afraid that you will live without dreams.

By achieving one goal, a person becomes stronger morally, more confident in himself. A person feels excitement, he has new dreams, and the thirst to realize them sooner.

You should not be afraid of their desires, let alone be afraid of public opinion. If you have a dream, do everything to make it come true. No one can forbid you to do what you want. Realizing the dream, you will be the happiest man. Do not listen to those who will dissuade you, who say “you will not succeed. Such people on the contrary should motivate you to action. Prove to them that you can. Very often discouraged by those who themselves, for whatever reason, could not realize their dreams.

So you have to do everything to avoid becoming someone else’s unnecessary “public opinion” in the future. Do everything to then support your loved ones in the realization of their desires, so that you can prove to your children by example, that no one but yourself should not listen.

After all, everyone chooses whether to live with one dream their whole life or to turn a new dream into a goal and make it a reality every time.

The essay on my dream variant 3

Everyone has a dream, we start thinking about it in early childhood. The concept of “dream” varies from person to person. For example, I remember how as a child I dreamed of being an astronaut, and that all homeless animals would find a home. As I grew older, the number of dreams began to increase, and I began to realize that to fulfill them, I had to work hard.

In my understanding dreams have different meanings and nature, i.e. dreams of some purchase, of a successful exam, or of my parents being always healthy, they all have some different meaning, for some you need to put a lot of effort, others just depend on fate. I dream about traveling, every day when I fall asleep I imagine how I will get to a new country, how I will study the culture and walk in an unknown city. For this, I’m heavily engaged in learning foreign languages, as well as saving money.

Probably for some people, a dream is something global and unreal, but for me now the dream is also entering the university, certainly it is not necessary to sit and dream, in fact from this nothing will change. So I slowly but surely move to the goal. I hope that all my efforts will not be lost in vain and nothing will stand in my way. In fact, I think and dream about a lot of things, to some extent, dreaming is even useful, there is a motivation and desire to go forward. Of course, it is difficult to choose one dream, but still, the main thing for me is my family, if everything will be good with them, there will be health and happiness in the house, then there will be everything else. After all, in fact, it is the family that helps me in difficult times, supports and gives advice.

The main thing to remember that dreams develop us, so you need to set goals and achieve them, even if it seems to you that you have some unrealistic dream, you should not give up. 

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