Essay on parents

Essay on parents

We present to you the best essay on parents for students and children.

The essay on parents

Parents are those people who have been our environment, our protection, and our greatest love since birth. Parents, this is such a tender, kind, and dear word, and most importantly, these are the people we use this word to refer to. We are talking about the closest people, moms, and dads. Family, it’s not just a word, it’s a whole universe. But what should we love and respect our family for? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

We shouldn’t forget how we came into the world. For our mothers, it is the happiest moment of our lives. Our mothers carried us under their hearts for nine months. They experienced different emotions, and happiness, and constant fatigue, and mood swings. For this, we are immensely grateful to them, and we show it with our great and warm love. On our only weekends, our dads tried to take us to entertainment events, to the circus, to the amusement park, or to the movies.

It was only thanks to them that we saw the sky, the sun, and the stars for the first time. For the first time, we tasted chocolate candy and got on a bicycle for the first time. It was under their control that we solved our first mathematical examples and problems. It was under their dictation that we wrote our first dictations and found our first mistakes.

It was they who created us, it was they who raised us to be a person who could properly place themselves in society, to establish themselves in the workplace. Personality, which has great prospects, and feels confident in society.

From our parents, we heard both praise and compliments, remarks and criticism. They raised us to be civilized people, brought up and adequate, building the future. Parents help many to determine their future direction. They send their children to sports sections to raise future champions, who will be able to show themselves at the Olympics and other sports competitions.

Even if you did not follow the advice of moms and dads about your future profession, they will still respect your choice, because they believe that the main thing is for their child to be a happy person. And they will be proud and cherish you anyway.

 Everything written here is just a small part of what mom and dad, the closest people in our lives, do for us. For everything they do, we love, appreciate and respect them very much. They are the ones who gave us our ticket to life and tried to bring more emotions, happiness, and smiles into our lives. For everything our parents do for us, we are insanely grateful to them. And it shows in our love and respect, which will always be there.

The essay on parents variant 2

Childhood is the most beautiful part of everyone’s life. I think that a beautiful childhood is a childhood spent with parents and friends, with lots of games and fun. Being a happy child gives great joy not only to the children themselves but also to the parents.

When you are a child, you know no need or obligation and live freely, knowing that you will always be protected and cared for, especially by your mother. Let your children play and let them spoil while they are small and do not deprive them of their childhood, because memories from childhood are the best, brightest and some of them can remain in a person’s memory for a long time. You can be a child at any age and there is no need to be ashamed of it. Let your heart, at least for a few minutes to rejoice and you are likely to enjoy it, and you do not want to be an adult again. Pretend to yourself that you’ve fallen into a world of fairy tales and stories, and forget about all the problems and shortcomings.

Adults should pass on to children as much love, warmth, attention, and care as possible. Even when they have done something wrong, don’t beat them and scold them, because they are children after all. I think that for every mother her child is the best and most beautiful. Parents should set a good example for their children, and in no case should you display your anger at them. If there is understanding in the family, then the children will grow up to be good people, and in the future, they will be good parents.

Many parents are ready to give their lives for us, their children so that we could be healthy and happy. That is why we must love and appreciate our parents and never forget them and their parents’ home. Even if we are away from home and family, and no matter how good we are, we should always come home, because mom and dad are waiting for us, and the greatest happiness for them is to see us healthy and beautiful again, that everyone would sit down at the table and remember the good stories and moments of life.

In the end, I would like to say that parental love is the purest and sweetest, and if there is one person on earth who will never betray it is only MOM. The only person who has loved loves and will love you forever.

The essay on parents variant 3

Many people believe that parents can be treated as they see fit, referring to the fact that there are parents who do not deserve to be treated well, but this statement is fundamentally wrong. Any self-respecting person simply must respect and, most importantly, love their parents, no matter what. After all, parents are the most precious thing in our lives.

Parents lead us by the hand throughout our conscious and unconscious life. Even if they are not around now, you can always feel their care, even across a great distance. Parents are the most valuable thing in life and the most valuable thing you really need to appreciate and protect because without your family you are practically nothing.

You can always ask your parents for help, and no matter what, they will help you. This is what boundless parental love is all about. Parents will always love you, even if you have done something very bad.

Parents will guide you all your life, change your vector of development in the right direction, so that you do not stray from the path of a good person, and, be sure, they will never betray you because it is a priori impossible.

At all times there have been stories about the boundless love of parents, which describe their caring attitude towards their family, to instill this view of the younger generation. And this makes it even more respectful to their elders.

However, we must look at the issue from a different perspective. Although it was said that almost all parents deserve respect, but there are those who, oddly enough, do not deserve it. Such people are usually called incompetent in the matter of raising, caring for, and protecting a child, and because of that their parental rights are often taken away from them. I think this fact is right because if parental rights are not taken away from such families, children will grow up in an environment unfavorable to them, which can adversely affect their maturity and formation as a person. From all of the above, we can see that there are many interpretations of this question and reasoning about it.

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