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The Essay on pets

Pets have become so part of human life that no one thinks anymore about what benefits they provide and why they are needed at all.

We would not like to consider livestock, which is mainly raised for food, as these animals cannot be considered friends of man. Cats, dogs, hamsters, and other animals that people keep in their own homes and even apartments are another matter. Why do we need such animals and what are their benefits?

Well, first of all, we would like to note that the benefits of such animals really are, although not without tradition here. As for the most common animals – cats and dogs – we can say that they are kept by people for the simple reason that these animals are very easy and quickly get used to people. It is much harder to tame a turtle or a giraffe than a cat or a dog. Already in their first days of life, cats and dogs begin to understand that man is their master, who cares for them and tries to be their best friend. Their behavior alone allows them to respond in kind.

People do not keep these animals for financial reasons, since a cat or a dog also has expenses. A person needs someone to watch or care for, and a pet is good enough for that purpose. However, sometimes it also happens that a pet is quite helpful to a person.

For example, if a person is in serious trouble, an animal can help him – there are many examples of how dogs have saved human lives. Cats, in turn, can catch mice, if there is a real need. Also, people often say that cats can have a beneficial effect on human health because they are highly sensitive and well perceived by the human body.

As for me personally, I love and extremely appreciate pets. A pet, when it is a friend, of course, is not as useful as a human, but still, there is a certain, not insignificant benefit from a pet. Rarely is it practical, but spiritual and moral – very often.

We should not forget that pets teach children responsibility, communication with pets makes children more kind, sincere, and honest.

The Essay on pets variant 2

I love animals very much. It seems to me that without them life would become boring and joyless. I have always had some kind of animal living in my house, sometimes several at once. I am lucky in this matter because my mother shares my love for animals and doesn’t mind having them in our family.

A cat lives with us now, her name is Marusya. She is a mongrel, though she looks a bit like a Siamese. Apparently, there is a touch of purebred blood in her. She came to us five years ago. We got this cat from an animal shelter. Our cat Matilda died of old age at the time. We all missed her very much, so we decided to take the kitten.

On a day off, my mom and I got in the car and drove to the shelter. There were a lot of animals there, mostly cats and dogs. They were all of the different ages, there were even purebreds. I felt sorry for all of them because people do not come to the shelter for a good life. But I understood that I could not take all of them, so I had to choose just one.

I walked around for a long time and could not stop at one of the animals. Each of them was good in his own way. But suddenly a little kitten caught my eye, huddled in the corner of the cage. He was thin and kind of frightened. His fur was not shiny and in some places rolled. I realized that it was him we must take away, otherwise, it is unlikely to survive. So Marusya came to our house.

There she quickly got the hang of it, fluffed up, and chose a place to sleep right on my bed. She had no problems with her appetite from the first day. A month later she was unrecognizable. The cat had grown up, gotten stronger, looked better. It was no longer the same thin, battered kitten, which we brought from the shelter. Now she is a full-fledged member of the family. Marusya moves about the apartment imposingly, feeling like a hostess. She is very affectionate and lets herself be stroked with pleasure. And when my mom has a headache, the cat treats her, she lays down next to me on the pillow and purrs until my mom falls asleep.

I love our fluffy beauty and don’t regret at all that I chose her then.

The Essay on pets variant 3

Pets come in many forms. It is not only cats and dogs that live in apartments with humans. Such animals can be called companions. There are agricultural animals that bring material benefits: cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and others. Some pets have a service purpose – security (dogs), transportation of goods (camels, mules, donkeys, horses).

I admire the beauty and harmony of the horses. They are strong, intelligent, and noble animals. Several thousand years have passed since humans domesticated her wild ancestors. And horses have been faithful friends of humans since that time.

For many centuries, horses were the first necessity on the farm, in battles, in travel, in the delivery of the mail. Even in the relatively recent 19th century, horses were the main means of transport in the cities. Horsemen have always been in demand. Even during the Great Patriotic War, horses were a great help to people on the home front and at the front. And after the war, it was impossible to do without horses. They were needed for plowing, harvesting, and delivering construction materials.

Although today automation and mechanization are everywhere, horses as a labor force are still in demand. They carry loads, plow vegetable gardens, and ride them to hard-to-reach places. Horses are indispensable for shepherds, veterinarians, foresters, and other professionals working in the mountains and the taiga. Horses are also indispensable in cinematography.

The most beautiful and hardy horses take part in the races at the hippodromes. Breeding trotters and pacing horses was a long process. The desire to get a galloping high-speed riding horse has led to the emergence of racing, which became the reason for the breeding of thoroughbred horses. These animals are taller at the withers than other horses, they are more harmonious and hardy.

Horses are successfully used for health improvement (hippotherapy). The health benefits of horses were noted in antiquity by Plato and Pliny the Elder. Riding helps to improve the state of the stomach, joints, posture, and respiratory organs. In addition, hippotherapy prevents the development of hypertension, myocardial infarction.

Horseback riding has a positive effect on the vestibular system, provides the body with the physical strain necessary for man. Riding gives great joy to people with disabilities who are unable to move freely. Riding is not the only thing that heals, but also the contact with the horse and its care.

Most often hippotherapy is used for diseases such as cerebral palsy, autism, disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Riding a horse warms up and trains muscles get a huge energy boost and positive emotions from communicating with this wonderful animal.

For children, horses are true friends. They bring joy to adults learning to ride as well. And modern life would probably be incomplete and less interesting without horses.

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