Essay on school uniform

Essay on school uniform

We present to you the best essay on school uniform for students and children.

The essay on school uniform

Since ancient times, clothing had not only a formal meaning – to conceal nudity – but also represented a symbolic element that was used in society. For example, once people took pride in owning the skins of various animals (although, in fact, they are still proud of it) some colors could only be worn by members of a certain class.

A similar distinction exists even now, for example, only people with special competencies could wear a priest’s cassock or a policeman’s uniform.

Thus, clothing determines a person’s belonging to a certain social group. The school uniform has a similar role, which defines the child as a student at school.

Of course, at school, the uniform has a special purpose. The use of identical clothing by all students is designed to instill discipline and develop cohesion. After all, when students wear uniforms, they subconsciously feel part of a separate community.

It is good to be able to wear school uniforms with pride. For example, when some dignified and famous person studied at this institution and also wore such a uniform. Then the next generations have to maintain, so to speak, “the honor of the uniform,” that is, to meet high expectations.

The main public controversy now is whether school uniforms are necessary at all, or whether children should be allowed to wear whatever they like. This question is still controversial on the one hand the uniform is useful and disciplining, but on the other hand, free clothes liberate and allows children to express their individuality.

In my opinion, school uniform is a good tradition, but there must be a corresponding understanding of the children. In elite schools, uniforms are worn with pride and an understanding of how clothes are used culturally. If the uniform is just a rule no one wants, then it doesn’t carry any value.

Sometimes it’s better to just set some framework, some general requirements that are good for the whole school community. For example, for boys – to wear pants and shirts, no tracksuits. For girls – skirts of a certain length or strict pants.

When clothes put you in the right frame of mind, i.e. for learning, the school uniform fulfills its function. So I think this concept is more useful than the other way around.

Essay on school uniform 2

School uniforms have become a popular trend among schools. Students and some parents disagreed with the introduction of school uniforms, saying that it would take away children’s right to express themselves. I don’t think there is anything wrong with school uniforms. Yes, the uniform now restricts the choice of different clothes to wear to school, but after all, it does not restrict them from learning, the only reason they are in school.

School is not a fashion show, so by eliminating that, one can focus entirely on lessons. Despite claims that school uniforms violate self-expression, I suggest that uniforms should be seen as a positive thing because it eliminates bullying, unifies social classes, and gives the school a more professional appearance.

The most common argument against school uniforms was that they prevent students from expressing themselves. Yes, school uniforms limit what we could wear before, but there are other ways to express ourselves. You can still express your style with fashionable hairstyles and additional accessories and a choice of shoes.

You can make uniforms look stylish without breaking the dress code. Just because you can’t wear the trendiest jeans to school now, doesn’t mean there aren’t rights. School is a place to learn. Outside of school, you can wear and express yourself as you like.

Requiring a school uniform eliminates the chance of bullying. Bullies used to bully kids based on what they wore. When everyone started dressing the same, there was less chance of howling humiliation. Bullies don’t have a chance to bully someone the same way because everyone has become generally similar, including themselves. When everyone looks the same, there is no opportunity to belittle and ridicule the child. Uniforms provide a more bully-free environment for students.

Having uniforms in schools also erases a certain social class line. Usually, the rich kids in the upper social classes wore only the most fashionable clothes. The poorer, lower social classes wore cheap clothes from the nearest store, or they wore clothes worn by their elders.

School uniforms unified the social classes. Everyone started wearing the same brand of clothes from the same stores that sell school uniforms. No one could tell what social class a person was in just by looking at what they wore. Now everyone has blended in and become on the same level with no division into upper and lower classes.

Since the introduction of school uniforms, schools look more formal and cohesive. There used to be some kids in schools who didn’t care how they dressed or dressed sloppily. They walked around with saggy pants or wore inappropriate logos on t-shirts or sweatshirts. This gave the school a bad look and reputation.

Now everyone dresses nicely in their assigned uniforms. The school looks cohesive and well-groomed. Now that you don’t have to focus on what to wear to school, you can focus more on learning, which leads to better grades. School has started to look better, wiser, and more academic.

Overall, school uniforms are a great thing. Despite the incessant argument about whether it violates the right to express oneself. I see more positives than negatives in the introduction of uniforms in schools.

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