essay on seasons

Essay on seasons

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The essay on seasons

The seasons are four wonderful seasons, each unique and enchanting in its own way. Spring awakens the living world, summer is fragrant, autumn is graceful, and winter is harsh. Nature is incredibly beautiful in all seasons, like a fairy princess trying on different clothes.

Whatever the weather in the yard, whether it’s rainy, rainy, or hot, it conveys the mood and colors of its season. So if you look outside your window differently, regardless of the rain or wet snow, you want to rejoice and appreciate the opportunity that nature gives us, shifting through the seasons.

Spring Awakening

In spring nature awakens from its long winter sleep: every day it gets warmer, everything turns green, animals can be seen more often and joyful birds can be heard chirping in the forest. There is little snow in early spring, but there are still plenty of cloudy days.

The appearance of snowdrops means that spring has fully taken hold. It’s gradually getting warmer, there are more sunny days, and soon the fine rain begins to water the blooming trees. Everyone is looking forward to the first thunderstorm in May, which announces the arrival of a warm and sunny summer.

The green summer realm

In summer the meadows are covered with a fragrant tablecloth of vegetation, and the gardens are a riot of color – everything around turns into a green summer kingdom. This is the time of year when nature shows off all its richness. And the summer night is a special time, when you can enjoy the distant stars, falling asleep under the open sky.

High air temperature and scorching sun make people look for shade under the majestic tree crowns. A brief relief summer rain allows you to see a real miracle of nature – the rainbow. But the leaves are starting to turn yellow, which already signals that autumn is ahead.

Frowning Autumn

Autumn is a gloomy time when you don’t want to leave your house because of the constant rain. The weather at this time of year is constantly changing: here overhead shining bright sunshine, and in a moment the sky is covered with thick clouds – it’s raining.

But in the fall, nature is incredibly beautiful, because the golden leaves falling from the trees create a wonderful atmosphere. It’s interesting to watch the birds that fly away to warmer climes for the winter, and the animals preparing for hibernation. All is well while the autumn forest is painted in golden colors, but soon the bare trees sadly note that winter will soon come.

The harsh rules of winter

Winter is a real snow queen: she covers everything around her with fluffy snow, bringing a lot of joy. But this time of year has its own hard rules to reckon with: long, snowy nights alternate with short, sunless days. In winter, nature is silent – animals hibernate, even the chirping of birds can’t be heard.

But at this time of the year nature is beautiful in its own way: white fluffy blanket spreads for many kilometers, snow crunches under your feet, and lies on the tree branches like a white pillow. But soon the creeks will start to murmur and snowdrops will appear, as a sign of the coming spring.

The essay on seasons variant 2

The four seasons are very special and are considered very special. The spring awakens an area of real natural elements, the summertime is fragrant, the exquisite autumn time inspires, the winter frost calms. The states of nature in all seasons are unusually attractive, like a heroine from a fairy tale who tries on different outfits on herself.

No matter what is happening outside, no matter what the weather is now, maybe dank, slushy or sultry, it will always convey the emotion and coloring of its season. It is always possible to look out the window with positivity, despite the rain or falling damp snow, it is possible to be joyful and to treat with love and gratitude the right that nature presents to us, alternating seasons.

Manifestation of Spring

In the first steps of spring, nature begins to awaken from its long winter half-sleep. Every day it is getting warmer, leaves are opening and everything is beginning to green up, and it is already possible to see animals in the forest thicket and to distinguish the playful singing of birds. There is less and less snow, but it is still quite overcast.

The main sign of the arrival of this spring is the appearance of the first spring flowers. Warm weather is setting in, the days are sunnier, and drizzling rain is watering the budding trees. A time of early May thunderstorms is approaching, which tells us that joyous summer has arrived.

Beautiful Summer

The summer fields and plains are like a fragrant tablecloth of vegetation, and the forests play with exuberant colors. The mood of summer reigns all around. The heat and sultry sun make everyone look for shade. Only the coolness of summer rain allows you to see the true beauty of nature – the rainbow. Already at the end of summer, the leaves begin to turn yellow, which tells us that autumn is coming.

Autumn Frowns

Autumn is considered a rainy season, and many people don’t want to get out of the house to avoid getting wet in the pouring rain. The weather is very changeable at this time. Then the warm sun rains, and after a short time, there are impenetrable clouds in the sky. Rain.

Severe winter

Many people consider winter to be the queen of snow. She brings a lot of joy with her snow-white blanket. There are harsh orders of winter, of which it is important not to forget. Frowny short days are replaced by long, cold nights. All of nature is in deep winter hibernation.

But it’s worth remembering that every season is beautiful and amazing!

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