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Beautiful spring season essay

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The essay on the spring season

Spring is that time of year that everyone waits for, tired of winter. Spring is often called the long-awaited spring. The first signs of spring, sometimes appear in winter, in February: a little more sunshine – and icicles begin to melt, merry drops ring, reminding of the approach of spring. After that, there may still be frost and snow, but everyone understands that spring will come and bring you warmth.

And so spring is here. The sun begins to appear in the sky more often, the sky becomes brighter, thick blue, the snow is melting and the streams are running at full speed. The ground is still cold, too damp and bare, and through the remnants of snow, the very first flowers are breaking through, which are so-called: snowdrops.

Spring is here! The forest is buzzing with activity: animals are waking up from their winter sleep, birds are coming back after their winter hibernation. Everybody is busy steaming and equipping cozy nests and burrows, everyone is preparing to breed, and they need safe houses for that.

The onset of spring is the awakening of nature, the beginning of nature’s active life. Buds swell and burst quickly, from which delicate green leaves emerge, and then they grow with unimaginable speed. Within a week, trees are completely covered with leaves, which gently rustle in the spring breeze. There is life everywhere.

The essay on the spring season variant 2 

Spring came, and the whole nature transformed in a flash, trying to throw off its gloomy winter cover and free itself from the boring white captivity. Spring has come, and everything around has turned green and colored with delicate shades of youth and renewal, and the young leaves and the endless chirping of birds have rustled.

The arrival of spring is a welcome phenomenon for all nature, when, as if awakened from a long and lazy sleep, the whole earth, rousing, hunting, and decorating itself with colorful and inimitably beautiful flowers. These are sweet and quivering snowdrops, proud and independent tulips, fragrant and delicate lilacs, proud daffodils, and shy daisies.

The coming of spring is also beautiful in the city when dirty drifts disappear and streams of dark water wash away their miserable remains, washing and refreshing the asphalt, on which cheerful cars rush as if they are happy about speed and future journeys.

Already the droplets noisily falling from the roofs of houses are fading, and the washed-up storefronts bode well for another fashionable update. Soon parks and squares will be covered with tender and timid greenery and flooded with hundreds of citizens walking and rejoicing in the first warmth.

The arrival of spring is the first picnics in nature, it is unhurried conversations in outdoor cafes and the merry clatter of the ball until late at night. Everything around wakes up, hurries somewhere, rushes, and enjoys life.

Spring is a wonderful, glorious time, pleasing everyone from small to large and never ceases to amaze.

The essay on the spring season variant 3 

The steps of spring can be recognized by the scent of freshness that accompanies them. So they say: “The air smells of spring. The smells of spring are different. First, when the snow melts, spring smells of soft dampness. Streams run along the roads and drops fall from the roofs. The rattle of drips can be heard from everywhere. Sometimes thawed ice icicles rumble off, fall, and break on the asphalt. Each morning the snow and chunks of ice frozen on the roads become more and more visible.

Then, when the snow is mostly gone, spring smells like wet earth. This means that the soil has thawed after the cold weather and is coming to life. In the spring mornings, there are thick fogs outside. Under their cover, the first green grass quietly breaks through the ground. Every morning you notice more and more of them. Before you know it, fresh grass is dressing the ground in green. But just a week ago the damp ground was bare, without a single blade of grass.

In spring, the rains begin to fall again. It’s still cool, but not as icy as in late autumn. It’s still cold in the morning, but in the afternoon, when the sun warms up, it gets warm. You don’t know how to dress properly.

Finally, the trees and bushes are waking up. They are getting ready for summer. Fresh sap runs down the trunks and the buds gradually swell. They unfurl into the first, still very small and sticky leaves. The first greens are pleasing to the eye. At this time, I so enjoy these modest first manifestations of spring, as I do not enjoy even the lushest flowers later in the summer.

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