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Essay on summer season for students

We present to you the best essay on the summer season for students and children.

The essay on the summer season

Summer is considered almost everyone’s favorite time of year. They wait for it every year. It attracts children and adults with warm and hot days. Thanks to which flowers bloom, grass grows, fruits, berries, and vegetables ripen. Everyone is happy about the noisy summer rain with a thunderstorm, after which everything is clean and fresh around. And after it, you can see a very beautiful natural phenomenon – a rainbow. After the rain, everything comes to life, birds begin to sing, plants grow, flowers open their buds. It’s nice to wake up early and run through the dew. If you look closely, you can see that all the grass is strewn with small drops of water. They look like diamonds, shimmering in the sunlight.

Especially children are waiting for the summer days. It’s the time when the longest vacations begin. They can forget about lessons for three months. Go with parents to the cottage, the sea. And even better to go to his grandmother in the village. It attracts clean air, freedom, and vastness. You can go fishing. Go on a boat on the lake. Swim and sunbathe. Or go to a forest, wander around, relaxing from the bustle of the city. And better yet, after the rain to go out for mushrooms. Only in the countryside, there may be an opportunity to taste fresh cow’s milk. Interact with pets, feed chickens, and little ducklings.

In summer, you can walk around the meadow, breathing in the aromas of meadow grasses and flowers. Lie on them, looking at the floating clouds and birds flying by. Listen to the lark and swallows singing. It is especially pleasant to watch swifts that chase insects by screaming like airplanes. Admire the beauty of fluttering butterflies, bumblebees flying by. Watch how a bee sits on a flower and collects nectar.

Everyone is busy doing their own thing, especially ants, which are constantly enlarging their dwellings-hollows. And in the evening it is very pleasant to listen to the singing of crickets, which resembles a beautiful enchanting song. When it gets dark, it is interesting to look at the starry sky, finding the milky way, and wait for the star to fall, to make your deepest wish. In addition to rest in the summer, you have to work hard to then live peacefully in the winter. But this work is pleasant in its own way because it is held in the fresh air, not in the stuffy room. People work in the fields and vegetable gardens, taking care of the plants.

And in the summer you can gather with friends around the campfire, bake potatoes, sing your favorite songs with a guitar. Summer is the most beautiful time when you want to create something, dream about the future, enjoy the warm sun, basking in the silky grass, admiring the beauty of flowers, the harvest of fruits and vegetables. Although every summer is repetitive, you always look forward to it!

The essay on the summer season variant 2 

Summer is my favorite time of year. At last, the cold weather ends and the vacations begin. Summer is the time to enjoy the sunshine and warm days, to go on long trips and hikes. Nature is especially beautiful in summer – the forest is buzzing with green leaves, berries are ripening and the most amazing flowers are blooming. You can endlessly walk through the blooming meadows and admire the humble white-headed daisies or weave wreaths of dandelions. It’s nice to go into the gloom of the forest and hide from the heat of the day. And if you look closely, the reward for the forest walk will be brown sturdy boletus and proud aspen mushrooms.

And only in summer do rivers and lakes come alive. Water in them becomes warm, and if you sit quietly on the shore, you can watch the fearless dragonflies flying over your head, and quick fry scurrying in the water. It is quiet and calm on the lakeside – it is so nice to look at the water and admire the sun reflections on it. Then you can swim and dive from the pier with your friends.

Summer is the best time to travel. There are many beautiful places in our country that you want to see. Mysterious caves, waterfalls, high mountains, and passes… Everywhere we want to visit. During the summer months, we always go on little trips with my family – out of town.

My favorite thing is hiking in the mountains. In summer they are amazingly beautiful – at the foot of the mountain the forest rustles, but the higher you climb, the stronger the wind becomes and the more beautiful the rocks become. At the top of the mountain, there is a view of the surroundings – small rivers and lakes sparkle below, and the forest looks like a green sea. And it seems that the berries that grow at the top of the mountain are much tastier than at the cottage or just in the woods. After a walk, you can make a fire, roast sausages, and make tea from forest herbs.
I love summer and always look forward to it. After all, it is summer when everything around us blooms and breathes life.

The essay on the summer season variant 3 

Summer is the time of sunshine and warmth, fun trips to the sea, unlimited communication with friends, and the longest school vacations. Of course, every child loves this time of year and starts planning his or her future vacation already in the fall.

In summer we are always full of energy, because everywhere around us there is life. The trees are green, birds happily chirp on the trees, and insects buzz and flutter over the bright flowers that exude a beautiful fragrance. The days seem endless and the nights are pleasantly cool. People put on light shorts, sundresses, and straw hats, and head for the beach to sunbathe.

How nice it is to lie stretched out on the hot sand on a hot summer day, exposing your face and body to the sun. At such moments it is good to indulge in memories and dreams or to imagine the smiling faces of loved ones.

When your body gets too hot, you can take a dip in the water. Make a swim in a cool lake or climb on an air mattress and rock on the sea waves all day.

And even in the summer on vacation you can go to a water park in the open air or take a breeze ride on the rides. These feelings are not experienced at other times of the year.

And finally, in summer the dacha season opens. Of course, not everyone likes to dig the soil in the garden beds or pull weeds from the bed. But no one will refuse the pleasure of eating ripe strawberries, gooseberries, and currants right from the bush. And this is another reason to fall in love with summer and look forward to it every year.

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