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The essay on true friendship

You can’t live your life without friends. A person always needs to communicate and interact with other people. But even just socializing is not enough. Everyone wants to have a special person in life, to whom they could confide their secrets, have fun, and talk about everything in the world.

I believe in true friendship! But I believe that this feeling, like love, cannot be multiple. There is a beautiful saying that friendship is one soul in two bodies, and I completely agree with those words.

I have a person about whom I can say that we are united by true friendship. It has stood the test of time, distance, childhood resentments, and misunderstandings, but I have always felt that I have something in common with this man. We often have the same opinions, we can get ahead of each other’s words by literally seconds. With her, I can talk about everything in the world, about food, recreation, any topic that is open to us: the benefits of cell phones to the principles of the structure of the universe. Not with every person, you can afford to express your opinion and not be afraid of condemnation, often disagreements become the cause of quarrels and misunderstandings. But my best friend is one of those people who will not take offense or condemn, she is always supportive and understanding, but most importantly, when I talk to her, I often like looking in the mirror and see myself, so we are similar.

But at the same time, we remain very different, with our own interests and beliefs, but this has never stood in the way of our friendship. That is the authenticity of friendship: when nothing can ruin it even after many years, then perhaps that is what is called true friendship.

In my opinion, true friendship can meet every person on the road. But you have to be able to appreciate the people that fate gives us. And every relationship has to be worked on. We must learn not only to speak and express our thoughts but also to listen to others and be able to hear. It is necessary to learn to take interest in the life of other people and time, when the situation requires it, to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Any friendship requires patience and understanding. And also a certain degree of loyalty. Loyalty – This is the best friend in friendship and in love. If your girlfriend trusts your secrets, opens her soul, do not betray her feelings. Trust – it’s like a glass vase. It can be broken. Of course, it can be glued, but it will never be the same, and will never be attractive. So trust must be protected. It is the fire that sustains all relationships.

Without friendship, human life would not be complete. We would communicate only superficially with lots of people, afraid to show the real us to even one person. This would satisfy the basic need for companionship, but it would not give the feeling of joy that real friendship gives.

So look around you: perhaps there is someone somewhere who is looking for a friend who can become your soul mate. There are so many lonely people around, do not neglect the opportunity to build a real strong friendship. For it is a beautiful feeling between people, gives happiness and joy, fills communication with new meaning.

The essay on true friendship variant 2 

True friendship is a rare phenomenon these days. People can appear to be good and kind friends, but in fact, they are not. The key to true friendship is making sure that the very person you consider your friend will never betray and leave you in a difficult moment, will never tell your secrets to anyone. A real friend will never give you bad advice, but rather will try to make things better for you.

Real friends never leave you in trouble and stay with you forever faithful and the only one. Always support and help, if a person needs it, do not impose their opinion, do not offend each other. Friendship is sacred.

Even if comrades have to part, they are still forever in our hearts, and we never forget about them.

As children, we always had many friends, and we thought that when we grow up, all these people will remain our friends, but every year we grow up and realize that there are fewer and fewer friends. Children’s friendships are the best and most honest, as children do not yet know how to take responsibility for friendship with self-interest and self-benefit.

Many people believe that there is no such thing as a true friendship, and in any case, people first look for utility, and in a sense self-interest, from the people with whom they associate. But I believe that friendship exists and some people care about the people close to them and their friends first. When you have a friend, they can be the whole world to you, and you’re genuinely glad you met someone like that. Even if your friend has some flaws, you still love this person and these deficiencies overlap its advantages because for you it is much more important to seek out in this man only good qualities. That is why it often happens that one of the friends just pretends to be a real friend, and tries to take advantage of a person with a kind and sympathetic soul.

A true friend will be genuinely happy about your successes and achievements, and in no way wish you harm. Friendship should be valued because in today’s world it is very rare to find true, sincere, loyal, and friendly friends. Good friends trust each other and can rely on each other. A person who appreciates friendship and himself knows how to be a good companion, most often and has faithful and reliable friends.

When we try to help someone and find happiness, that goodness comes back to us and we find our own “brilliance. To have good friends, you have to be a good friend yourself!

The essay on true friendship variant 3

People have been trying to define the word friendship since ancient times. In the name of friendship performed feats and selfless acts, for the sake of friendship fought and died. But to characterize the word in a few sentences is almost impossible because everyone puts into its meaning something of his own.

Friendship is, above all, the similarity of views and thoughts, feelings and needs of the two people. We put in this word loyalty and the desire to always come to the rescue, empathy, and joy for the happiness of a loved one, as for himself.

A friend must be sincere in his feelings, there is no place for flattery and hypocrisy. Even when the truth can hurt, only a friend will find the strength to say it in person without concealing anything.

There is no place for envy and rivalry between friends. Only a true friend will rejoice for another as much as for himself.

But friendship is a fragile crystal bowl. It should be protected from careless hurtful words, from outbursts of annoyance and anger. Of course, true friendship is not broken by a simple quarrel or spat, but also to lose the test of strength is also not necessary. After all, having a true friend is an amazing gift. It’s a miracle to know that you’re not alone in the world and there is someone who will always give his shoulder and stand by, not turn away in the face of trouble or hardship.

Is it necessary to try to be better for the sake of a friend, because a faithful friend will accept us as we are? Of course, we should. Still, friendship is based on mutual assistance and mutual return. If one party only gives and the other only takes, without making anything in return, then such a relationship is very far from true friendship. For the sake of a friend, it is necessary to become better, kinder, and more attentive. A friend is a mirror of ourselves. We should not expect loyalty and devotion from a friend if we cannot boast of such traits ourselves.

True friendship is a great value in life, and the one who has a friend is happy.

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