Essay on walking

Essay on walking

We present to you the best essay on walking for students and children.

The essay on walking in the park

Our city park is small but very beautiful. At the very entrance there are large flowerbeds of different shapes, from early spring to late fall they are covered with a bright carpet of flowers. This carpet is especially beautiful now, in summer: there are white and red and yellow and blue flowers. As soon as one blossom out, the other ones begin to bloom.

When you walk further along the park paths, surrounded by neat bushes, you find yourself under the shade of perennial trees. It’s always a little cooler here than in the city, and it’s easier to breathe, especially after the rain. The tree foliage is bright, lush, it looks very beautiful against the clear blue sky. You may raise your head to the sun and admire it!

There is a small pond in the far part of the park. The landscape is different: there are no neat clubs and bushes trimmed to a line, the area looks more like a forest, and there is a beauty in it. Reeds grow on the shore of the pond, lilies float in the water. Sometimes wild ducks come to the water, and then many people gather on the shore, everyone wants to treat the feathered inhabitants of the pond with bread.

Every day a lot of people come to the park: children and their parents, and groups of teenagers and older people. Everyone can find something to do here, especially in summer when there are so many recreation opportunities. Those who like to spend time actively, ride bikes, roller skates, and scooters in the park, play on outdoor bars, play badminton, tennis, and other games.

Many people enjoy a quiet rest. In summer, the benches under the sprawling trees are crowded, and people sit on the shore of the pond or just on the grass. They read books, play games, sunbathe and enjoy the fresh air. Many people take pictures, and the background of flowers and greenery make the pictures bright, juicy, and joyful in summer.

Also, in summer there are various festivals in the park. During these days, the park is even more transformed: balloons, stages, fairgrounds with sweets, fun rides, when dusk falls, colorful lanterns are lit. The park is teeming with life until late at night, and you don’t want to leave.

The essay on walking in the forest

It is pleasant to walk in the forest at any time of the year. Its nature is always diverse and invariably beautiful. It is very interesting to observe the forest inhabitants: squirrels, hares, small birds, sometimes we can meet a hedgehog. I think the best place for animals is the forest, their natural habitat. I always watch sadly when animals languish in the cramped cages of a zoo or have to perform tricks for food in a circus.

In my opinion, there is no better time for a walk in the woods than early October. It is still quite warm and sunny, and the forest has already had time to transform. It changed from green leaves to bright yellow and red, as if the forest was dressed up for a holiday. When you walk through the forest with a basket on one of these days, the sun is warm through the gaps in the leaves, and the mood immediately becomes sunny and warm.

The forest is filled with aromas of fallen leaves, herbs, and mushrooms. Breathing in this smell is very pleasant, it seems that you are filled with health and energy. My grandmother is good at mushrooms. I love going to the woods with her. We go together, and when I find a mushroom, I always show it to her. If she approves, I put it in the basket. Then, in the evening, we roast potatoes with them. Oh, how delicious it turns out!

Sometimes we go to the woods with my parents for a picnic, make a fire, and roast meat or sausages on it. This process is very exciting. Then the whole family sits down on stumps and eats food cooked outdoors.

My dog Laura loves it when I take her into the woods. There she runs after a stick, digs the ground with her nose, and sniffs for unfamiliar smells. She barks merrily and jumps around me. We run and play movement games together.

In my opinion, the forest is a great place to get healthy, take a break from the noise and dust of the big city, and just have fun with family or friends.

The essay on walking in the forest 2

I think it’s great to take a walk in the woods at absolutely any time of year. The forest changes with the season. It changes beyond recognition and plays with many bright colors. I am madly interested in the life of forest dwellers.

It is great to have a chance to watch squirrels and bunnies, birds and hedgehogs… I think this is the best habitat for animals. But watching animals that are tormented while sitting in cages is actually very sad.

For me, the best time to go into the woods is in the fall, namely early October. During this period, the sun is still warming us with its rays, but the forest is already beginning to change its colors.

Also at this time in the woods a lot of mushrooms, which is interesting to collect. My grandmother knows how to do this, so I like it when she goes to the woods with us. Before I put a mushroom in the basket, I always show it to Grandma and wait for her approval.

Nature surprises me with the scents of leaves, grass, and mushrooms. I enjoy that smell.

Often we go out to the woods with my parents and have a picnic. It’s just beautiful! Also, our dog Julia comes on these walks with us. She runs after the ball and catches unfamiliar scents.

I think the woods are a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and get healthy. Such walks paint a smile on my face and make me happier. I will definitely get out to rest in the woods more than once.

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