Essay on winter season

Essay on winter season

We present to you the best essay on the winter season for students and children.

The essay on the winter season

In this essay, I am going to reason about the pros and cons of the time of year – Winter, and, accordingly, draw a conclusion based on these pros and cons. But since the essay is based on a subjective opinion, it accordingly does not claim to be unique or can be refuted.

Any time of year is a unique thing, in its essence, that pleases people, regardless of their mood or desire, as anyone has a favorite time of year that makes their life at least a little bit better. Also, anyone has the right to dislike, or even hate any season, based only on personal beliefs, and personal experience. My favorite time of year, on the other hand, is winter.

Winter, in my opinion, is the most beautiful time of the year. I associate this time of the year with celebrations and a time when everyone is happy and wants to get together and this gives me only good feelings. Also, since I really enjoy the falling snow and the crunch of it under my feet, this is another plus for this time of year.

Based on my beliefs, I can say that winter is probably the best time of year. Again, because of many things. One of them, for example, is that in winter you can go ice skating or other seasonal paraphernalia with friends. These trips to skate especially bring people together, because there is a special atmosphere that makes people much more sociable, more open and kind. It is for all the reasons described above, winter is my favorite time of year, and accordingly, I can call it the best time of year based on my opinion. Of course, many people may not agree with it, saying that winter is very cold or something in this vein, but this is their opinion, and they have every right to it after all people are different and different people have different interests.

In this essay, I thought about the time of year – winter, and therefore I concluded that winter is the best time of year, which justified in the essay. But, again, the opinion described in the essay is solely subjective, which is why it does not claim to be true.

The essay on the winter season variant 2 

Winter, a beautiful, peaceful time of year. White flakes of snowfall smoothly from the sky, wrapping nature in a blanket. Nature falls asleep and waits for the warm days to come. It’s nice in winter when the fresh wind blows our faces. Everything is enveloped in silence, tranquility, only the kids break this atmosphere and runoff in search of adventures.

This time is good for everyone in their own way. For children, it’s a time of presents, games, and snowmen; for adults, it’s a time of festivities and family gatherings. How good it is to receive presents, eat Olivier and more. And how gloriously the red bullfinches hop on the branches, how merrily and beautifully the birds that stayed for the winter are chirping.

It is good to walk on the freshly fallen snow, to listen to its crunch underfoot and to squint from the bright daylight, or to run, roll from the slide, play with friends in snowballs, or play on the ice. Even though it’s a cold winter, you can’t help but feel drawn to the outdoors for friends and new adventures.

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is bustling about, getting ready for the holiday, while I look at the Christmas decorations, shining brightly in the artificial light. The phone rang, friends called me for a walk. I ran to my mother to ask her to go. She agreed at once, and I rushed to my friends. We went to the slide. Everyone had fun, especially me. In a few minutes, I was drenched with sweat and snow, and there were lumps under my jacket and boots. I had to get home so I wouldn’t get scolded and played snowballs on the way, which made me even more drenched.

Mom gasped and took me to a hot shower. After that, the whole family gathered around one big table to celebrate Christmas Eve and share their impressions of the past year. Everyone laughed, had fun, and told their stories, sometimes funny and sometimes sad. After Christmas Eve and the whole family prepared for Christmas. We cooked, cleaned, and set the table again, and again sat down at the table with the whole friendly family. This evening passed, as well as the previous one, and no one was tired, no one ran out of stories.

Winter is a time of fun and family gatherings, gifts, and snow. It is my favorite time of the year and the winter holidays are the best of the whole year, the whole family is together on these days and everyone brings love and goodness to others. I really love winter and especially winter holidays.

The essay on the winter season variant 3

How wonderful nature in winter is! A magical fairy tale turns into reality. The world sinks into a white veil. It envelops everything from head to toe with its amazing view. It is not for nothing that many poets and artists describe in their works the beauty of snow-covered dales.

Each snowflake, each crunch of the boot on the snow, conveys a feeling of imminent joy. One of everyone’s favorite holiday is the New Year, which comes to every home, just in winter. Because of this, everyone loves winter so much.

Nature is transformed in winter, this time of year is the most “Russian” time. The harshness of winter frosts, similar to the character of the inhabitants of the Great Country. Winter beauty shows strength, resilience, and humility before the mesmerizing elements. An example of this is spruce. A cap of snow presses down on it, the branch bends under the weight, but it does not break, but only sheds its extra weight. It is the character of nature that shows itself in all its glory only in winter.

Winter is a time of rest for many of the inhabitants of the fields and rivers. Animals, fish, amphibians all rest, gain strength for further existence. Winter reset gives you a chance to feel solitude. Silence in the woods, clean frosty air, the opaque smoothness of fluffy snow – all this brings a sense of peace and serenity. 

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