Essay Structure Formula: Write Essay Correctly

An essay is much more than a bunch of data gathered together. Writing an essay means creating a coherent story, organized in a way that it makes sense to the reader. In order to structure an essay successfully, you need to know the exact formula on how to do this.

Of course, this formula depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the type of essay and the topic you are about to discuss. Following are the guidelines from your professor, as well as the sources you have found during the research.

How to Structure an Essay

Finding the perfect formula to structure an essay is tough, but there are some general guidelines that apply to all essay types.

1. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

There are three questions you need to ask yourself when planning the college essay structure. These are the questions your reader asks when first introduced to your writing.


Your audience will want to know what evidence shows that your argument is the right one. And since answering this would make for most of your essay, you should start answering this question from the very beginning.


The reader may also want to know why your essay matters. In order to really affect the readers with your essay, you must provide a reason why the thesis you presented affects them and not just you. The answer to this question usually belongs at the end of your essay.


In addition to what evidence you have, you must also tell the reader how your argument solves a problem or beats the alternatives. The answer to this question can appear anywhere in your essay.

Our Essay Structure Formula

2. Map Your Essay College Structure

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What would they want to know, and which sequence would they want to get this information in? In order to present your findings in a coherent and connected way, you must map the essay beforehand. An outline should help you organize the data and ideas you have, and this essay will serve you in mapping the essay in the writing process.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Eliminate

When you are done with the outline and the first draft, it is time for eliminating the parts that do not fit with the general essay structure. Do not be afraid to delete data from your essay. If you think it does not fit well with the remaining of the paper, there isn’t a good reason for that data to remain in it.

As we said, the formula for structuring an essay depends on many factors. However, if you follow these simple tips in the writing part, you can create an essay that presents all the information in a way that will amaze the readers.

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