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Helpful high school tips for every day

There are many details to help children learn.

Many students need the support of their parents, who may benefit from helpful high school tips for every day to apply in their lives.

Common high school tips for the beginning of the school year

Traditionally, First of September rulers offers helpful but solemn admonitions from teachers and parents to high school seniors and juniors. The celebration ends and the school year begins.

To make life easier for children we have prepared a few memos on learning at school and at home:

  1. grades are a subjective measure of knowledge. They should not be given priority in learning, because the main thing should not be them, but the tasks to be set for yourself. The internal bar is what you should aim for.
  2. Behaving well. Behaving excellently during the lessons makes life much easier after they are over. Listening attentively to the teacher will prevent problems related to unlearned material.
  3. Asking questions when you don’t understand something is a must. Do not allow gaps in knowledge: ask teachers, parents, classmates, who may know the answers to questions related to learning.
  4. The right to a personal opinion is inalienable. You can not always do as others think, going along with them. A person who has an opinion and knows how to defend it deserves respect. For example, canteen staff or teachers insist on eating everything on the plate. If for some reason you cannot do this, you can safely refuse.
  5. It is important to be open to friendship and communication. A communicative person will never stay alone: in any team, there will be someone with whom you can talk about topics of interest.
  6. It is necessary to share joys and problems with parents. Your Dad or Mom will tell you how to get out of the situation with little or no loss.
  7. Humiliation should not be allowed, even if the teacher does it. It is necessary to admit one’s guilt, but one should not forget about self-esteem. Parents should know about the incident and they will tell you what to do. It is important to remember: if you want respect for yourself you have to treat other people accordingly.
  8. School is not a boring place. At the same time with studies there is socializing with children of the same age, making new friends, playing around during breaks, preparing for holidays, etc. At school can be interesting and fun.

Every pupil should remember that his parents love him and are ready to support him. Hiding problems from mom and dad is impossible, otherwise, it will not be possible to get the necessary help.

Tips for organizing a schoolchild’s workplace

Often schoolchildren wonder how to learn lessons easily, spending as little time and effort as possible? Help with the answer can be simple secrets, using which the learning process will become easier. A properly organized workplace role is equally necessary for first-graders, second-graders, and students in middle and high school. Thinking about how to choose a chair, table, other pieces of furniture should parents, while schoolchildren need other knowledge:

  • You need to use paper clips to connect book pages. Some books have to be held by hand so that they do not close, and paper clips will allow not to do this, but also the book will not allow closing. Spare pencils or pens used as bookmarks are good for this purpose;
  • It is worth making an organizer for pencils, scissors, glue, and other little things out of a plastic container or box, a basket divided by dividers into several parts. Empty glass jars are inserted into the compartments. You can buy ready-made organizers, mounted on the wall or door, to store all the necessary little things in them;
  • It is important to keep writing utensils in a pencil holder. Cardboard sleeves could replace it. To make the design looked more attractive, it is wrapped with string, painted with paint, glued with colored paper;
  • A young reader will need a basket for books borrowed from the library. It will not allow you to forget, or lose an edition, which should be returned soon;
  • you can decorate the side corners of the pages of identical notebooks, using different colored pencils. Each item will have its own color, and notebooks will be found faster on the shelf;
  • It is better to take a picture of the schedule and replace it with a screensaver on your phone. But even better is to download a special app to enter all the necessary information.

How to study well?

Useful tips for successful studies in high school:

  • Start your homework with difficult topics and subjects;
  • before a test, repeat what you have learned, “refreshing” your memory;
  • when writing essays or reports, use Google Translator. It will help you find typos and mistakes: put the text in the translator’s window and press the “listen” button. The robot will start to pronounce what is written, all the shortcomings will become visible;
  • look for motivation in the performance of difficult tasks: place jelly candies on the pages of the book at a certain distance, to eat them after the study of the topic or a certain material;
  • foreign language texts read aloud, focusing on correct pronunciation, watch movies in the target language without an audio translation, associate learning new words with pictures;
  • rotate workloads: read a book on history after doing math and then start a chemistry assignment;
  • Do homework with classmates who know a particular subject well. The mutual exchange of knowledge will help you to prepare better for your lessons and come in handy for tests, exams, and quizzes;
  • Find time to relax and socialize with friends. The brain gets tired and it needs unloading, otherwise, classes will be ineffective and the material learned will be forgotten at the most inopportune time.

Tips for parents of a schoolchild

Parents who haven’t previously faced this kind of task can be difficult to pack an elementary school student. Before going to the store, make a list of things you need, taking a home inventory to see what’s missing. Some textbooks and notebooks are purchased at the beginning of the school year, which is worth considering when making a shopping list. The demand for some school products in September and October declines, so before the start of the school year, it is better to buy only the essentials.

Nutrition consultants say that children who eat a nutritious breakfast learn faster and have more energy. Vitamins are included in the diet of a schoolchild only if necessary, and after consulting a doctor. There must be a reason for this: poor diet, health problems, increased mental and physical stress, and frequent stress.

Parents should take a child who is unable to pronounce certain words and letters to a speech therapist while still in kindergarten. This will help prevent ridicule in junior high school. Children who are poorly adapted to the new environment will need to consult a psychologist who can identify the cause and find a way to solve it. The faster the future student to get rid of uncertainty and stiffness, the easier it will be to learn, communicate, find new friends among classmates. A specialist will help to cope with frequent stress and increased nervousness.

Examination by an ophthalmologist for younger students, to identify possible problems with vision, will be no less helpful. Wearing glasses in high school is unpleasant, so you should always worry about your eyesight. To prevent changes in posture can choose the right backpack. The elementary school will have to periodically check its contents, removing unnecessary items.

To do the lessons will need its own workplace, where at hand will be all the writing tools, notebooks, books. It is necessary to properly select the height of the table, lighting, a chair with a comfortable back so that the child feels comfortable. A place for reading books is advisable to equip separately, putting in a well-lit corner of the child’s chair.

Music will help to cheer up in the morning and speed up the process of gathering. The songs are selected in advance. With their help, the child will learn to use the time of gathering more rationally, and having heard the last song, will understand: it’s time to go out.

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