Look at the Jordan Spiz’ike Boots (legendary release 2009)

Even though a lot of Air Jordan purists turn their noses up at Jordan Fusions and hybrid models, the Jordan Spiz’ike boots seems to get a pass. Thanks to its use of so many classic elements from early Air Jordan designs, the shoe is hard not to like. To keep us stylin’ even through the cold winter, Jordan Brand has converted the Jordan Spiz into a winterized boot, built for the rugged demands of the cold weather. They gave you a sneak peek at this concept back in April, and now we finally get a better look at the shoe in three different colorways. This model was very popular among students than.

The Dark Cinder/Black Jordan Spiz’ike boots
Dark Cinder Black Jordan Spiz’ike

…and Black/Anthracite versions of Jordan Spiz keep it pretty simple, using a solid leather boot look
Dark Black Anthracite Jordan Spiz’ike

…but the third version of the Jordan Spiz’ike boots throws a little more flavor into the mix with a multi-colored Flint Grey/Cherrywood Red Palette
Dark Flint Grey Cherrywood Red Jordan Spiz’ike

These beauties are scheduled to drop one per month beginning in October and moving through December. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with further pics and details, but for now, you can get a nice closeup look at all three pairs after the jump.

When I was a student I wore these Jordan Spiz’ike Boots (Dark Cinder/Black color). Emma Smith from Edu Blogger

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  1. This model is expensive, but I can say that Jordan Spizike is worth their price: delicate craftsmanship and design, high-quality tailoring and materials, unkillable sneakers. Legendary Nike model.

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