Main Mistakes While Writing a Conclusion for Your Essay

mistakes in essay conclusion

Before you start writing your conclusion, you should learn about the common mistakes students make when writing this essay part. There are many guides that will help you include the important points in conclusion writing, but failing to recognize your errors can do some serious damage to your paper quality.

Here are the most common errors in essay conclusions:

1. Introduce New Topics

Your conclusion serves to summarize the topic you discussed in the essay, and should never introduce a new topic. You may want to convince the reader to further explore the topic, but make sure not to include a new topic at the very end of your essays.

2. Repeat the Thesis and Main Idea

Yes, your thesis statement and the main idea should be a part of the summary that is the conclusion but try not to repeat these in the exact same words.

3. Use a Weak Statement

The statement you use in your conclusion should end the paper, not leave the reader wondering. Do not finish the essay off with a statement that leaves questions up in the air.

4. Apologize

Never, never apologize for any doubts you have about your thesis. Most essays come in the form of a research, and inconsistencies or doubts are always a part of the process.

5. Open with an ‘Empty Phrase’

When you are presenting something to an audience, you may use phrases like ‘To conclude’ or ‘In conclusion’. However, while these are accepted for an oral presentation, they are often seen as mechanical and redundant in writing.
Moreover, such a conclusion can give the reader the impression that you didn’t bother with writing the essay, or that you are not as creative as professors expect.

6. Forget to Make the Conclusion Cohesive

As is the case with the remaining parts of your essay, you must make sure your conclusion is cohesive, too. Don’t just toss words and statements to end your essay faster – make sure that your summary of the essay is cohesive.

7. Use Irrelevant Information or Quotes

A new topic is also an irrelevant information in an essay that already has a topic, but there are also other mistakes you can make in terms of information. Try to be original in your conclusion, and do not use quotes or data that is unrelated to the previous content.

8. Forget to Answer the ‘So What?’ Question

When finishing your essay, always ask yourself ‘So what?’ Your readers need to take away some information or guidance after reading the essay. Suggest further areas of research, or provide a reason why your essay matters to the reader.
Now that you are well aware of what kind of mistakes students make when writing their essay conclusion, you can proceed with summarizing your essay and creating an unforgettable essay!

One thought on “Main Mistakes While Writing a Conclusion for Your Essay

  1. Most common essay mistakes while writing a conclusion are using an irrelevant information and poor introducing of new topics. That’s all. Other conclusions mistakes are not so important. My opinion as a teacher.