Top 10 Best University and College Campuses in the USA 2019

10 Best University and College Campuses in the USA preview

Going to college is a big step and with so many choices all over the United States, it can be hard to choose. A top campus is definitely a factor to consider when you decide where to get your degree. Of course, other things also play a role, including cost, course of study and proximity to your hometown. When you begin your search for the ideal place to get your degree, be sure you pay attention to how the campus looks and how it makes you feel. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these universities, each with a top ranking college campus. For more help, it’s best to pay these the best campuses 2019 a visit, but the helpful experts at can also provide invaluable resources for college life. Rely on them each step of the way and you should have no trouble finding your perfect campus. Keep reading to get started.

Top 10 Best University and College Campuses in the USA - places 1-3

Kentucky Wesleyan

This private university in Kentucky was founded in 1858 and has a small enrollment, giving you a more personal college experience. Grand and historic brick buildings dominate the campus, which is attractively studded with plenty of trees and large grassy areas. The campus is easy to traverse via the walking paths throughout and there are statues and fantastic architecture to see. The campus also boasts a football field and several sorority houses. A diverse athletics and academic roster make this a unique place to get higher education in Kentucky.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is ranked the top college in the state for a variety of reasons. The institution is committed to academic excellence and offers a wide range of learning opportunities on its main campus as well as its extended campuses. International education and athletic programs are also highly ranked outside of Georgia. The campus itself features building both old and new and has a lot of history to its name. Tree-lined walking paths, gorgeous architecture, and well-maintained grounds ensure that your time as a student in Georgia is well spent and successful.

The University of Colorado at Boulder

The University of Colorado has several extended campuses in the state, but the primary institution in Boulder is a beautiful place to get a degree. There is a diverse selection of majors as well as a renowned athletic program and a top-ranked football team. The campus is a mix of both historic buildings and newer ones that mesh in an integrated and attractive way. There are lots of open green spaces, lovely architecture and the opportunities abound. Located in Boulder, the campus is surrounded by mountains and the city has a lot to offer too. Going to college in Colorado is an experience many are glad they have.

Top 10 Best University and College Campuses in the USA - places 4-6

Nevada State College

In the shadows of the mountains, Nevada State College is a grand university that ranks highly in the state. Recently opened in 2002, the campus boasts modern facilities and is spread across over 500 acres. There are a variety of academic opportunities unique to students in Nevada with many majors to choose from. The campus values diversity and is a beautiful blend of trees, green spaces and new brick buildings. As well as the stunning setting in some of the best scenery in Nevada, there’s also a community feels that attracts many students to the campus.

Grinnell College

Located in Iowa, Grinnell College is ranked number one in the state and it’s easy to see why with just one visit to the campus. The campus is set on sweeping green spaces filled with leafy trees and gorgeous views. The buildings are sleek brick and the newer ones perfectly mesh with the older ones. The place is stunning in the fall when the leaves change color. But there’s more to love on this campus in Iowa. It’s one of the best universities for learning in the academic fields but also for doing something for the community, both in Iowa and beyond.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa

This research college is located amidst towering palm trees with mountains and the ocean nearby. It’s a dream come true for many students with its sprawling campus full of beautiful buildings and state of the art facilities. Students here enjoy a rich cultural Hawaii experience blended with an academics program that covers majors, minors, and certificates. Campus life is enjoyable and there’s also a thriving academic calendar that moves around Hawaii and beyond.

Top 10 Best University and College Campuses in the USA - places 7-10

University of Wyoming

There aren’t very many universities in Wyoming, but this one gets top rank. Located in Laramie, the campus is large and filled with historic buildings as well as new ones. Sunny green spaces, a large football field, and large mature trees are also at home here on campus. There are several museums right on the campus and the academic program includes agricultural opportunities. There are also plenty of choices for athletics and a small town feel that makes Wyoming a great place to pursue a degree.

Creighton University

This private Jesuit college is located in Omaha, Nebraska and was founded in 1878, with many of its core values still in place. There are several programs available for undergraduates and postgraduates. The college itself is a grand feat of architecture and landscaping that includes a monastery, a beautiful fountain, and lots of tall trees and lush grassy areas. Nebraska may get overlooked when it comes to college options, but Creighton is a great choice for residents of Nebraska and those coming from further away.

Wisconsin Lutheran College

This liberal arts campus in Wisconsin is affiliated with the Lutheran church and therefore offers a wealth of programs and opportunities for those who want to go into church work. However, the offerings are diverse and will appeal to other students as well. Located in Milwaukee, the campus is state of the art, with plenty of classrooms, sporting fields, gyms and arenas, and a lovely collection of architecture and history. Choose from a wide range of minors and majors, as well as certifications. This campus appeals to students from Wisconsin and the entire United States, which is why it is among the top 10 best campuses in the US.

Augustana University

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this private Lutheran college gets top billing for many reasons. The campus itself is a beautiful blend of brick buildings, green space and lots of trees. There’s even a waterfall on campus. Ranked as one of the best universities in South Dakota, there are a wealth of opportunities available to students with a small student to teacher ratio and lots of chances for research and off-campus opportunities. Not only is the campus ranked as one of the best in South Dakota, but it’s also highly ranked in the entire Midwest region.

Choosing a college can be an overwhelming task but learning what makes a good campus is a right place to start. To truly help you decide, it’s best to visit the campus you are considering so you can see how it looks and feels. But remember, looks aren’t everything so be sure you’re paying attention to the academics and other opportunities available at the same time.