What is another word – essay synonym?

What is another word (synonym) for essay

Are you looking for the most common synonym for essay? Well, you are out of luck because finding an essay synonym is like finding milk in a cream factory. Most types of written and informative* work may be defined as an essay synonym. The word “Essay” is more of a blanket term for any type of content that informs other people, even if the information concludes that nothing has changed and/or the conclusion is inconclusive. In my edu blog, I will answer the following questions: Why does this synonym essay problem exist? Are we so used to the idea of teachers and professors setting essays that we only view them as those nasty source-this-rewrite-that exercises? Also, read my other article How Long Should an Essay be?

*Informative synonym: chatty, gossipy, descriptive, illuminating, revealing, instructional, enlightening, informational, instructive, explanatory

What is a Video Essay?

When you think of essay synonyms, you probably don’t think of video essays, and yet creating video essays is a common part of media studies courses, and even business courses and marketing courses features video essays. So, how does a video essay differ from a written essay, or even from a documentary?

In its strictest sense, a video essay is a very simple essay synonym because one could present a bunch of video-media images and read a written essay over the top like a narrator in one of those movies for people who have trouble with their eyesight.

One may find it easier to show examples in one’s essay if it is in a video format. One could call this a “for example synonym essay.” For example, if you were writing about the effectiveness of car safety features, it may be far easier to show the features in action rather than describe them.

What Sort of Essay Synonym Should I Use in Definitions?

Essay Synonym

If you are trying to write an essay synonym definition or list, then start out with the most common types of academic paper. For example, people expect to see essay synonyms like “Dissertation,” “Thesis,” “Book Report” and so forth.

Go online and see if each online dictionary shows synonym essay examples. Once you have exhausted what your online dictionary, start looking for “According to synonym essay” examples and look for an overall synonym for essay*. An “According to synonym essay” may show you the etymology of the word essay and may help you think up new synonyms for essay.

*Overall synonym: altogether, basically, substantially, chiefly, by and large, largely, principally, mainly, predominantly, mostly, primarily

What Does Google Think?

If you go onto the Google Scholar tool and type in, “Show synonym essay,” you will get very mixed results, and part of the reason is that the word “Essay” is such a broad term and such a blanket term. You will see everything from essays on the origin of the word, to news reports about how Nancy Pelosi is attempting to have Eminem (Marshal Mathers) deported.

If anything, this may be a good time to remind yourself that the best overall synonym for essay work is “An informative piece of text”, which sort-of rules Google out of the equation. Many students copy and rewrite what they find on Google, but the fact is that most of the websites listed on Google are written by an ill-informed and underpaid authors who wouldn’t know an essay synonym from a bag of carrots, and then the rest of the articles are written by people who have rewritten what they find on Google.

If you have ever wondered why the first ten results on Google look so similar, it is because they have been rewritten over and over again by writers who use Google to quickly do their written work. Even if you are looking for something as innocent as an essay synonym, you shouldn’t be relying on Google to give you the answer. Look upon Google as a general guide, a bit like when you ask a village teen which direction it is to somewhere, and she tells you, but then you ask somebody further down the road.

Absorb Information Over Time for Better Data Retention

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A Thesis and Dissertation

When you think of a synonym for essay, you often think of the most common school and college essays where you have to write between 500 words and 3000 words on a subject that is featured in the current curriculum. When you think of an overall synonym for essay, you do not think of 12,000 words essays, but some thesis papers and dissertations are just as long and even longer. Are they an essay? Do they count as an overall synonym essay? In essence, a thesis and/or a dissertation is more of an essay than anything else.

For example, if you were to write a 500 words essay, then you could think of that as a small car. If you were to write an essay of 3000 words, then you could think of that as a four-door family car. If you were to write a dissertation, then you could think of that as a large SUV. By anybody’s definition, an SUV is more of a car, just like a dissertation is more of an essay.

After all, besides the synonyms for essay, the most common definition is “A piece of informative work,” and the sheer size of a dissertation suggests that it is very informative.

Are News Reports Essays?

A news report is not an essay, nor is a documentary. One hopes that an essay is something that is informative, whereas news reports and documentaries are not informative by nature. The point of a news report or documentary is to push an agenda. In some cases, that agenda is as simple as keeping people watching so that they may be advertised to, and in less savory cases, a documentary or news report has propaganda spreading agenda.

Documentaries frame themselves as being informative, but they are only as informative as the maker’s agenda allows. For example, documentaries in Islamic countries do not feature content from other non-Islamic countries, which means their in-documentary examples are always incomplete or blinkered. Greece translates more books per year than the entire Islamic global community, which is why Greek documentaries and global essays tend to be more even-handed. Yet, in both cases, these are still documentaries. If somebody were to leave out large sections of information in an essay, then it would still be an essay, but it would be considered a bad essay. If somebody leaves something out of a documentary, then it is still considered a good documentary.

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