Why Education is Important for Society? Value of Education

Way too often we hear children saying or whining that they don’t want to go to school. How to explain to them why education is important for society and for them too? I believe that everybody did so at least once at their time, am I right? Kids don’t want to sit steady and listen to boring lessons while they could be exploring the outside world.

Until one day, when we come to the realization that knowledge is power, a thing we can hardly achieve these days. Therefore, for our society to progress, grade school education is extremely important as it’s the main place where we form our base of information and where we understand how this world works and why is education important for society.

With no more further ado, in today’s post, we at EduBlogger, are presenting you 7 reasons importance of education for any society.

Why Education is Important for Society

7 Reasons Why Education is Important in Society

1. Better Communication

A proper education leads one to communicate easily and more effectively with others. Keep in mind that communication is not only speaking with each other and changing information. It’s more than that. It’s about knowing when and how to listen to one in need, about how to use and read someone’s body language, and about how to send and interpret other individuals’ vibrations.

Without a basic and decent education level, it would be difficult to communicate with one through email, letter, fax, or even smartphone. You’ll need to know when is appropriate or not to adders to someone in a formal or informal way. Why education is important in society? Reason 1 value of education – better communication.

2. Expressing Opinions and Views

Many people encounter problems when they have to express their views and opinions. Having a hard time expressing yourself can often be the result of poor education and lack of life experience.

Education is the root of your success at your job and your social life, for you can communicate better and everyone would like to hear what you have to say. Just imagine how all those authors and poets got to be famous worldwide for their power to influence people if not thanks to their education. Why education is important for society? 2 Benefit of education – More open-minded people.

3. Propagation of Knowledge

Firstly, let’s make some room for understanding by acknowledging what propagation of knowledge means.

Simply put, the propagation of knowledge is the way education makes the transfer of knowledge between generations, countries, and continents entirely possible.

Let’s take Newton’s laws for example, which appeared in the scientific world for the first time in 1700. These laws are still a very important course material in nowadays’ modern world educational systems through teachers and books. Education proved itself to be a crucial method for the information of the past to live forever in the present.

Why education is important to society? Reason 3 – Education helps to more effectively capture and pass on knowledge to future generations. It is an important purpose of education. 

4. Social Harmony

Education is a beautiful thing, but the most beautiful and important thing that comes with it in the past years is social harmony. Education made us coexist with each other in harmony despite our differences.

If you enter through the doors of any university you’ll see people from different religions, cultures, and races. You’ll be amazed to see that despite all appearances they realized that they are not so different after all. Why is education important to our society? Reason 4 importance of education – Education develops harmony in society.

5. Mind Maturity

Side by side with a proper education comes to a matured and disciplined mind. This meaning the ability of one to judge whether something it’s right or wrong.

Many people live with the false belief that this difference between right and wrong is relative and that humans have the power to decide what really is wrong. There’s no wonder why so many mistakes are made.

Proper education of the masses will lead to a less and almost null criminal society by cutting off all sorts of violence, as everybody will understand that violence is not the proper solution to growth. Why education is important to our society? Reason 5 the importance of education – Collective objective thinking.

6. Support the Economy

Education had a major impact on the world economy and money making over the past years. The employment rate has raised thanks to the multitude of new opportunities offered by educated people.

A person with a poor education can only perform physical jobs. On the other side, an educated person gets the opportunity to “put his brain at work” and earn money with it. Education helped us develop the internet, intelligent software, and all types of technology which led to a lot of job opportunities and very large incomes.

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7. Decent Livelihood

Nowadays, education is providing the opportunity for one to make a decent livelihood. If you’re educated you can take a job in any professional service or industry.

Think of all well-payed jobs form the medicine industry, engineering, or law. All of them provide a better lifestyle for the ones who educated themselves in that way. More than that, it allows us to earn our bread anywhere in this world, to be independent.

Why Is Education Important for Society: Conclusion

All in all, education is the greatest gift for humanity, and only through knowledge will we ever be able to coexist peacefully on this beautiful Earth. Once we understand this, it’s our duty to help the younger generations understand how powerful and important knowledge can be.

To end this article properly, I’ll let this beautifully wise quote:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Frequently Asked Questions about the importance of education in society

Why is education important?

There are 7 benefits of education: better communication, more open-minded people, propagation of knowledge, education develops harmony in society, mind maturity, support the economy, and decent Livelihood

What is stem education and why is it important?

STEM education – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The importance of STEM education is the creation of critical thinkers, increasing science literacy, and enabling the next generation of innovators.

Why is early childhood education is important?

The main reasons for early childhood education: development of a child’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional needs for building a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

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6 thoughts on “Why Education is Important for Society? Value of Education

  1. Education, no matter how it is expressed, has a direct impact on the development of the civic position of each individual, gives a clear idea of the history and culture of his country, affecting the patriotic feelings of the person. Education is an important criterion of personal socialization, as well as one of the criteria of social stratification.

    The most important in the life of each person is higher education. Higher education provides opportunities to obtain a prestigious position in a reputable firm.

    It is also worth noting that education forms a person, and his personal qualities such as self-discipline, determination, politeness, tolerance, communication skills, craving for new sources of information, and much more.

    Education helps a person to discover his potential, learn something new, be literate and moral. If every day a person will raise the bar, reach new heights, improve himself, seek answers to questions of interest, it will provide him with a comfortable, bright, full life.

  2. Education is first and foremost about prestige. Historically, intelligent, educated people are treated with more respect in society than ignoramuses who have not studied a single day. An educated person is more interesting to talk to, he can support any conversation, share his thoughts and considerations on various topics, which undoubtedly cannot but cause approval in his circle of friends and acquaintances.

    Often on television or on the Internet, we see the speeches of public people – those who have received a decent education and earned their position in society. Agree, it would be unpleasant to hear a wrong, illiterate speech from a person who holds an honorable post, representing our country in the international arena. That’s why, in order to get the position they want, some people spend most of their lives getting a decent education.

    Education is the possession of knowledge, the ability to dispose of it, which helps people make discoveries that improve their lives. So, we cannot imagine the world without Albert Einstein’s inventions – the camera, the refrigerator; Isaac Newton’s discoveries – the law of universal gravitation, his three famous laws of mechanics, the theory regarding the motion of celestial bodies; Leonardo da Vinci’s projects, although not realized in his lifetime, so indispensable nowadays – the airplane, the bicycle, the parachute, the tank.

  3. The point of education is to gain basic knowledge, to discover hidden talents, to develop one’s unique abilities. In any kind of work it is important to have knowledge, i.e. always try to be a specialist in your field.

    Education as anything else allows a person to learn about the world, to form and constantly renew interests. Over time, interests form into a broad outlook.

  4. Thank you for the information! Yes, education is very important for modern society. I have higher education and I don’t think that it was waste of time! I received a lot of information about technology, society and modern world.

  5. I believe that education is very important in our society because without it it is impossible to find a decent high-paying job.

  6. Education is important in our society and for the individual because that individual will be able to make a living by being useful to society. And the better educated a person is, the more useful he is to society and the more his activities are valued. Hence the conclusion: it is good for everyone when society is made up of highly educated people.

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